Newest WONDER WOMAN (2017) Trailer Gives Depth & Insight Into The Character

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After an impressive Trailer launch at SDCC 2016, Warner Brothers & DC Films have finally released a full length trailer for ‘Wonder Woman’ that gives a lot more insight into the movie and its story. The new trailer fleshes out the world and the character’s motivations that drive her in the film.

Check out the latest Trailer for ‘Wonder Woman’ below.

‘Wonder Woman’ stars Gal Gadot as the iconic Diana Prince / Wonder Woman in a movie that could easily have been 75 years in the making. The movie sees the first ever cinematic adaptation of the comic book character, and the second live action portrayal since Linda Carter on TV.

The SDCC16 trailer was more of a sizzle reel of the best moments of the movie for fans to get excited about the footage. While this trailer follows  a more coherent sequence of events, narrated by Gadot herself giving a lot more insight into the heart of the film. And it’s a lot more impressive than we expected.

The newest Trailer for Wonder Woman’ showcases everything that causes this character to stand out among the rest of DC Comics super hero line up. And no, it’s not because she’s a woman. The character herself in the comics was raised to be a champion for justice and morality, however living in isolation, separated from the world at large due to certain politics involved. When she is suddenly introduced to the conflicts of the outside world, by the appearance of a crashed male pilot (Chris Pine) in her otherwise exclusive utopia for women, Diana awakens. 


‘Wonder Woman’ trailer provides amazing blend of action, humor and, as hard as I try not to say it, wonder! We get a very succinct reason as to why she joins the wars of man in WWI and why she leaves her island for the first time in her life. The trailer establishes her sense of morality, without any contrived cliches of heroism.

Most of the humour in ‘Wonder Woman’ seems to be derived from the fish-out-of-water setting of Diana enjoying and reacting to this new world she finds herself in, as determined by the end scenes of both trailers. Some land, while this recent end scene did not work as well as the first.

Personally, I cannot wait for this movie. For all intents and purposes, this looks and feels like the the female superhero movie that we’ve been waiting all these decades for.

What did you think of the newest ‘Wonder Woman’ trailer?

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