Movie Review: UNSTOPPABLE (2010)

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So, it seems like Denzel Washington along with Tony Scott, is not as big of a draw as it used to be back in the day. Granted even from the trailers, UNSTOPPABLE didn’t seem impressive, however I thought to myself that ‘Washington doesn’t make crap movies’, I should’ve ended the thought with a ‘…generally.’

Rating: 2 Out Of 5 Stars

UNSTOPPABLE was seriously a lackluster movie that had no beginning or end, and honest to God the majority of the film featured the two leads sitting in the cabin of a locomotive. What passes for ‘character development’ in this movie is basically Washington and Chris ‘STAR TREK’ Pine sitting around making superficial conversation. We’re supposed to take that as them bonding. He had the same formula in TAKING OF PELHAM 123, where the two leads just sat around talking, in a climate of heightened tension. The tension provided in UNSTOPPABLE was a run away train that Washington’s character took upon stopping himself. That’s it. That’s the story of the movie.

Washington’s character is just as contrived and lame. Dedicated employee of the railway company, who gets fired just prior to his retirement, and is serving out his last days, yep you guessed it… by risking his life on that very same job with 3 weeks left to go. Oh and his daughters work at Hooters. Point of that….? None. They just wanted to throw in two hotties with small tits to balance out the movie for the rest of the target demographic. That’s all.

Nothing in this movie mattered, not the two main leads, not the retarded way the train became ‘unstoppable’ to begin with (the fat guy operating it got out to do something, but he’s also stupid so didn’t set the brakes properly, so the train sped up and went buck!) and not even the way the movie ends is interesting. The only excitement and anticipation generated during this was thinking about how I’ll be able to vent my frustration via this post.

At this point I’m waiting for AMERICAN GANGSTER II: AMERICAN SNITCH. 120 minutes of Washington and Crowe, sitting around in jail… talking.

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