TV Series Review: FRINGE – Season 3 (2010)

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FRINGE continues to be the leading TV show that is all about sci-fi and the weird. A genre show excelling so hard on a broadcast network is amazing to see. Season 3 continues to bring about the amped up and weird as hell science fiction to the screens and does not disappoint.

Probably the most controversial season of the series, Season 3 closes up a lot but blows other things wide open that have been building since episode 1.

Season 3 follows the Season 2 finale of the Olivia Dunham that stowed away with our team from the Alternate Universe. So basically our Olivia is trapped and being tortured in the Alternate Universe by Alternate Walter (Walternate). While their Olivia is on this side, spying on Peter and Walter and is on a mission.

This season gets deeps into the other Universe, the episodes switching back and forth alternatively between the two universes. We get to see how they do things and how those characters are. And most surprisingly, they’re not the evil horrible people that we’ve seen through the first 2 Seasons.

The other Universe is essentially similar to ours in every way. The Fringe Division works to protect and secure their world from unnatural events caused by our Walter punching a hole between universes, years ago to retrieve Peter from their Universe. The ensemble crew of the Alternate universe is good people who are in the dark about Walternate’s plan to destroy our Universe.

Season 3 is awesome because we finally get to see two Universes in a show going back and forth, analyzing all the subtle differences and changes. It’s also a challenging season for Anna Torv, our lead, as she has to essentially play two different versions of the same character, as well as John Noble playing two different Walters.

seeing double…

Finally we see the culmination of the strain between Peter and Walter’s relationship as well as the budding romance between Peter and Fake Olivia. Yea, it happens.

Like I mentioned in the other reviews of FRINGE, there have been movies and some one shot episodes of other shows that deal with the aspect of parallel realities. But never has that been the focus of an entire series. This is one of the reasons why FRINGE kills any other sci-fi show, as it features a sci-fi concept not much explored before.

It’s always cool to see alternate versions of character we know and love. Season 3 builds on that even more by layering the Other Universe’s character as not just being out to destroy our Universe, but as being pawns to Walternate’s plans. It makes you wonder just how those guys, who we thought to be bad guys and evil, will react once the truth is revealed.

I usually bitch when a TV Series stays focused on one story arc for more than 2 seasons, however FRINGE doesn’t follow a typical season long arc, but more of a series wide plotline that seems to have been planed way before hand.

Season 3’s cliffhanger gives us more questions than answers. It’s one that’s gotta be seen to believe. FRINGE continues to be an amazing show, and with Season 4, it seems like they’ll be going into places that have only been slightly touched upon by other shows/movies of this genre.

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