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This is what I’ve been waiting for. The new and rebooted version of the classic Sci Fi show, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA caught my interest when it first debuted back in 2004. However, I felt it would be unfair to check out the remake, if I didn’t experience the originals first. Now I’m finally caught up to the reimagined BATTESTAR GALATICA, and I have not been disappointed at all!

an amazing show!

The reimagined version originally started off as a 2 part mini series on the SyFy Channel. The reception of which was so great, that it went on to become a full fledged TV Series. This review covers the Mini Series as well as the entire Complete Series afterwards.

The reimagined BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (henceforth known as BSG 2.0) takes a lot of liberties with the original source material. Genders, races and characters are changed around, concepts are modernized and stories are reinvented. The premise and essence of the show however, remain intact.

The New cast of Battlestar Galactica!

these guys have honestly become legendary!

The Mini Series follows the same concept of there being a Cylon plot to wipe out the entire Human Race, in which the Battlestar Galactica, a warship, gets caught in the middle, and ends up becoming the vanguard for the remaining survivors of the Human Race. However, a lot of core concepts have been changed in this reimagining.

The Humans and Cylons have been at a truce for decades. Unlike the original series, the Cylons haven’t been heard from in years after the initial war, however, they return… in Human form. And unlike the Original, the Battlestar Galactica isn’t part of a fleet already in service, but rather an old decommissioned ship, which we see in the opening scenes, is being turned into a Museum. But considering the Cylons attack using a virus that renders all modern computer systems and networks defenseless, the old ship without modern technology, is the only hope everyone has.

new Cylon model.. slick!

Another concept that differs from the Original BSG is the characters. The original features characters that were clearly defined from the get-go. You know where you stood with them and what was going on in their heads. BSG 2.0 however, sets up a lot of characters’ arcs and issues between the lead characters, before the Cylons even get involved. It’s called Drama.

The coolest plot point introduced in BSG 2.0 is that, since the Cylons now look human, there’s the added suspense of… trust no one, because anyone could be a Cylon. Gasp! Shock!

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA 2.0 is awesome. It really is. The writing is fresh, despite being based on other source material. The writers take into account that it is a remake, so they go against the grain of what is expected. This has to be the ballsiest remake of anything TV or movie, ever! Considering they stay true to the essence of BSG, but don’t fear to play with so many fan favorite and established concepts, in order to further reinvent the story.

Another cool thing about BSG 2.0 is how the series is shot and looks. Even though JJ Abrams STAR TREK, and Joss Whedon’s FIREFLY started the whole concept of doing lens flares, shaky camera work and overall shoddy production to give a sense of realism to Sci Fi Space scenes… it seems that BSG 2.0 was doing it before it was ‘cool’. The dogfights in space are all gritty and extreme. The camera work indoors is handheld-like and very real. Even the look of the show is more like a low-budget regional opera, but in SPACE!

Epic storytelling!!

The reimagined BATTLESTAR series constantly pushed its boundaries. I’ve never seen any show, that does so much, and take the characters through so much in-story in only 4 short seasons of being on the air. BSG 2.0 is also able to completely end a show with so much closure and satisfaction that I doubt that’s ever been done properly for a Sci-Fi show. To me personally, the way BSG ends, in every way makes up for the cancelled, and never given a shot shows like FIREFLY, STARGATE UNIVERSE, etc.

Themes play a huge role in this version of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. The core concepts of the show heavily feature concepts of spirituality, philosophy and religion. For a Science Fiction show, there are times when things are slow and dragging, solely due to the reflective nature of the story of an episode. It seems contradictory for a Sci-Fi show to feature heavy concepts such as these, but BSG 2.0 does so and blends it in with the overall themes of the show at large very seamlessly.

Kudos must be given to creator and writer Ronald D. Moore for being able to expand on such an already existing cool concept and take it places where the original didn’t go. The avenues explored in the show may even seem controversial, however it was amazing and the ending was just pitch perfect. Without giving anything away, I wonder why subsequent attempts at reviving the franchise has focused on Prequels, rather than an attempt at a Sequel?

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA 2004 is one of the pioneers of successful Science Fiction television and was probably the only science fiction show which was able to provides a satisfactory emotional, rational and logical end to it’s story.

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