TV Series Review: WALKING DEAD – Season 1 (2010)

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I’m not a huge fan of the whole Zombie genre. Although, I have a lot of favorite Zombie movie genres. Actually… scratch all of that. I LOVE Zombie movies, especially The Walking Dead. 

I say movies, because rarely has there been a successful TV adaptation to a very cool genre such as Zombies. But AMC has done a brilliant take on Zombies, featuring an even better source material from Graphic Novels… THE WALKING DEAD.

Originally an ongoing Graphic Novel series by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore, THE WALKING DEAD as a TV show, is awesome. I haven’t read the Graphic Novels, so can’t compare the two; my only exposure to THE WALKING DEAD has been AMC’s groundbreaking TV Show.

side by side…

Season 1 of THE WALKING DEAD Series only has 6 episodes. But they are 6 action packed, story driven episodes that are amazing to watch unfold. Each 43-minute episode contains a bit of everything, awesome zombirrific action, character development and other awesome-ness.

The story of THE WALKING DEAD starts off with an injured cop, who wakes up from a coma, to find that the world has one to hell. Navigating his way into the world, he eventually finds out that Zombies have taken over, and human kind is on the run, as an extinct species, and nothing in the world works.

so lonely…

This cop, Rick, has to then find his wife Lori and Carl, while familiarizing himself with this new world. It’s not a spoiler, but of course he finds them. Rick, being a natural leader, automatically assumes leadership of this group of survivors, and their adventures is essentially what Season 1 of THE WALKING DEAD is about.

daddy’s home…!

This show is unique. In the sense that there’s no long season arcing plot. The premise of the show itself sets up a huge plot point, from which there seems no salvation… (the world being overrun by Zombies). So it’s a little difficult to guess or know where THE WALKING DEAD is going to end up in the long run. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

In the mean time, THE WALKING DEAD is an amazing show, with brilliant writing, even better execution and heartbreaking performances from every character, however small of big.

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