TV Review: HELIX – 2014 (Episodes 7 & 8)

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Jeri Ryan arrives on HELIX as a no nonsense, take charge woman which, might I add, is so much sexier than the whole Borg thing. I digress. With her, she brings us many answers to the story, theories and a whole lot of chaos. Here’s my Review of Episodes 7 & 8 of HELIX…

At first, all seems hunky dory when Ryan`s Constance Sutton arrives on base with promises of helping the CDC crew. Hatake, as usual, is cryptic and skeptical of her words, as he knows her true intentions. In the mean time, Daniel is introduced to his long lost sister, and reintroduced to Balleseros, the guy he tried to kill. And speaking of reunion, Alan & Sarah are still reeling over Julia’s apparent cure. Ryan’s Sutton right away establishes herself as a bad guy as she threatens Alan and physically empowers Hatake, establishing her superiority in the hierarchy of… whatever they are. She’s here to find the cure to the outbreak, and leave no witnesses. She tries to play nice with Daniel, with promises of a promotion, while she really plays nice with Balleseros, straddling him and what not. They apparently know each other from before, and she’s the one he’s been mysteriously communicating with throughout the show. Finally! Answers! Or… not really.

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oh how I’ve missed you Seven of Ni– I mean Jeri Ryan. 😐

The  best scenes of these last two episodes are between Hatake &  Sutton. She’s got the same bright eyes as him, (and now Julia) and they speak of themselves as being separate from everyone else. She speaks of a cleansing, killing a lot of people, allusions to working hard for this goal and such are abundant. She also accuses Hatake of jeopardizing their mission with his own beliefs. They don’t get along, basically. Episode 7 ends with Hatake being taken into custody and the status quo in the base completely changed. The interaction between Sutton & Hatake gives us chunks of clues into who they are, what they are, and provides many more theories regarding the show as a whole.

Episode 8 dealt with much more chaos and a shifting in the power struggle within the base. Sutton takes a huge interest in Julia once she realizes her eyes are just like her, almost kidnapping her. Alan & Sarah try to launch a rescue attempt and fail. [ SPOILER! ] Hatake frees himself and is able to aid in taking down Sutton. He takes charge of the base once again, and all is well… barring a LOT of loose ends and more questions than answers, naturally.

Helix, Ronald D. Moore, TV Review, SyFy, Billy Campbell, Hiroyuki Sanada, 2014,

Creepy photos of the past are always great turning points…

First off, I called it 2 weeks ago when I assumed Julia was Hatake’s daughter. As pointed out to me by a friend, it wasn’t that amazing a feat, given how things were playing out, apparently. However, based on how Sutton reacted when she found out, calling Julia an ‘abomination’, I’m getting a very God-like vibe here. Hatake, Sutton & now Julia have these bright glowing eyes, which begs the questions, who / what are they. I have a few theories. Hatake seems to have broken off from his people, as Sutton mentions, due to ‘them’. Maybe he was infected with the human condition, even fraternizing with one, resulting in a child, (Julia).  This seems to have caused the rift between Hatake and ‘his people’.

Ultimately, this group do people, want to wipe out a large enough chunk of the human population, so they can dominate and rule the world. I’m jumping a few ponds here. But Sutton mentions, ‘thinning the herd’. She even seems betrayed when finding out about Hatake’s indiscretion. [SPOILER:] Right before she gets watch strangled by him. It’s a great episode where things have returned to normal by the end, but we now have to deal with the consequences. How will Ilaria Corporation react? How can Julia be Hatake’s daughter? Why was Daniel and others stolen as children, and where are those kids now? Why oh why did they bring in Jeri Ryan for only two episodes?!

Helix, Ronald D. Moore, TV Review, SyFy, Billy Campbell, Hiroyuki Sanada, 2014,

meets his sister who saved guy he killed… conflicted much?

My crazy theories & predictions:

Hatake & Sutton are part of a race of either higher beings, or Aliens. They came to Earth to settle in and dominate through biological warfare, hence the base. However, Hatake went native, fell in love with an Earth girl, got some action and fathered Julia. All of their kind who die on Earth, have their heads preserved in the ice, for reanimation on the Mother Ship (or what have you), which is why ‘they’ wanted Balleseros to retrieve the head of Dr. Hvitt so badly earlier, for reasons unknown. The disease isn’t a disease, but a genetic de-evolution of humans into a total difference species. The last episode saw the infected carrying out Peter’s body, which showed organization and sentience, to want to recover their wounded, not just the mindless Zombies we believed them to be up till now. The preview for the next episode features a showdown, with Peter almost looking like he’s leading the other infected. So there’s definitely more to come, but I have a feeling that the Ilaria Corporation is a group of these ascended being.

Keep watching HELIX on SyFy to find out if my crazy theories hold any water!

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