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Helix continues to be an amazing brand new Science Fiction show on Television this season, despite some glaring issues. Episode 9 brings even more mystery and WTF moments. Here is my Review…

After last week’s intense murder of Ilaria Corporation’s spokeswoman played by Jeri Ryan, things seemed to have returned to normal on the base… or have they? Hatake warns of an impending threat, as now, the corporation will send an Army to kill them all, and take the virus into their pocession. So shit just got worse basically; as signified by the opening credits immediately after Hatake mentions this. You know it’s bad when that’s the opening hook. So our CDC crew has to go into the lowest level of the Base, where all viruses are kept, to destroy them before Ilaria gets their hands on them, and especially the virus that caused all this, NarvikHatake finally comes clean to everyone about how he was commissioned by the company to make an ‘apocalypse’ virus’, but also claims that he created something more ‘beneficial’ instead. Obviously no one asks for any explanation to that.

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“let’s take a stroll through frozen infected people…”

One of my ongoing complaints with this show, is how none of the characters need any explanation to the cryptic shit that Hatake mentions during their interactions. They kind of ignore obviously important and baffling statements, to focus on the issue of the episode at hand. Speaking of which, Julia confronts Hatake about the picture of them together when she was younger. Hatake uses a lame excuse of how he used to know her mom from long ago, keeping from her that he’s her daddy. In the meantime, the infected, or Vectors as they’re called, have disappeared and congregated exactly where all the viruses are kept, making it conveniently difficult for the crew to go there to destroy them, as planned. However, an even more convenient plot point, which allows the Vectors to be paralyzed when frozen, allows them to get through. They do have a run in with Peter, but Julia’s, yet to be explained hold over the Vectors, allows them to pass. Speaking of Peter, it is established that he is the leader of the Vectors in a display of blood swapping, hyper aware, rave-like Go-Go Girl-like dance moves.

Alan & Julia discover that the vault where viruses are kept have more kinds of deadly diseases than anywhere else in the world, however, the Narvik is missing. On their way back, Julia discovers a bunker that looks exactly like her childhood home, wondering why Hatake would build an exact replica of it on this Arctic Base.  When confronted, Hatake finally comes clean! Finally! He reveals to Julia that she’s never lived in Montana, as she’s mentioned many times. Basically implying that her childhood memories of a cabin in Montana, were actually in the bunker found on the base. Hatake also shows her the other half of the picture of him and her as a child, revealing Jay, Julia’s gas masked friend who turned out to be a hallucination, who is actually her mother Jane. Cat’s outta the bag now, and it’s done with one of the best lines of dialogue in the show thus far!

2014, billy campbell, helix, hiroyuki sanada, Ronald D. Moore, Syfy, TV Review

the coolest one liner ever… comes now!

Balleseros & Daniel reunite with Anana and Daniel’s twin in a weird family reunion scene that is awkward to watch. While Sarah is recovering from a seizure exposing her Cancer to everyone and Julia processes the revelation of Hatake being her father. All the while the episode ends with one of the scientists walking out into the cold with the Narvik virus.

It was a somewhat entertaining episode, the most entertaining storyline thus far involving the mystery behind Hatake and Julia’s past. Everything else is slowly taking a backseat. For example, I can’t really care about the inner awkwardness of Alan & Sarah’s age inappropriate romance, while Hatake could possibly be an Alien! Also, my theory of Hatake being immortal gets further credence, when Julia points out that he hasn’t aged much in 30 years based on the old photo of her as a child. Alien!

2014, billy campbell, helix, hiroyuki sanada, Ronald D. Moore, Syfy, TV Review

leader of the pack… obviously.

My Crazy Theories & Predictions

Julia, mentioned that in her hallucinations, Peter said how this was all because of her. I’m still assuming that Hatake is not human, so a successful hybrid of both human and whatever-Hatake-is, might be the starting point to create resilient vaccines and other genetic advances for human kind. Or even other awesome things that I’m not creative enough to imagine. I think that Hatake & her mother, Jane, used Julia’s hybrid DNA to do experiments on her, requiring her to be on the base 24 hours a day, to the point of faking it to be her home. Maybe that’s what they were working on, and given Julia’s being a child at the time, they needed other children as test subjects, hence the kidnapped orphans from the local region. The Narvik strain could be a culmination of those years of research, for which maybe Hatake needed Julia back on the base, hiring Peter to lure her back. Given how Sutton reacted when she realized who Julia was, she might hold the key to unlocking… whatever is going on.

Keep watching HELIX on Sy Fy to find out if I’m a genius, or just bat shit crazy…

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Victor De Leon · March 4, 2014 at 11:04 AM

Can’t wait to catch up on the show. I am a couple of eps behind but I will definitely read your recap afterwards. Nice job!

    Shah Shahid · March 4, 2014 at 11:34 AM

    Hey Vic, thanks for stopping by. I completely understand. I always try to avoid Reviews of things I haven’t seen. Unfortunately, I’m so behind on newer movies, that I’m unable to check out most of you guys’ reviews. 🙁

    I’m loving HELIX, so do let me know your thoughts when you catch up.

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