TV Review: HELIX – 2014 (Episode 10)

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For the head of a team from the Center of Disease Control in charge of finding the cure for a devastating disease which may eradicate the human population, or turn them into infected zombie people, or both… Dr. Alan Farragut spends very little time in the Laboratory actually looking for said cure. Here is my Review of Episode 9 of HELIX on SyFy…

After their incursion into Frozen Infected Land last week, this week Julia & Alan take a trip outside of the base to track down the doctor who took the last of the Narvik virus. Apparently there is an abandoned station where he has escaped. I like how the show initially started as an Arctic Base in the middle of nowhere, but then we conveniently have abandoned structures and Inuit villages showing up on from episode to episode.

In an amazing move of avoidance, Julia prefers to go out in the sub zero temperatures in search of a loopy scientist who may or may not be working for the corporation trying to kill everyone on the base… rather than have to talk to her newly discovered Dad. Typical. Once there, they secure the virus, only to have Ilaria show up and assassinate the scientist, and pin down Alan & Julia, demanding the virus in return for their lives. During all this shoot out chaos by the way, these two former lovers decide to hash out the unresolved issues from their failed marriage. Seriously? One of the few things HELIX is failing to do is provide realistically depictions of relationships, or even interesting ones.

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“let’s go… here!”

In the meantime, there`s an unnecessary sub plot showing Daniel, Balleseros & Anana leaving their camp as it`s too dangerous now that Ilaria may know that they survived. The only thing to come out of these sequences is the fact that Ballerseros & Anana hook up… cuz, no one saw that coming. I have to say, there`s not nearly as much hooking up in this show as I initially thought. They need more of this. Although there is the Love quadrangle between Sarah, Alan, Julia and the infected Peter.

Speaking of Peter, Hatake at one point walks in on him in his office, stealing the scrapbook with pictures of Julia, and even interacting with Hatake. So now, apparently the Vectors can speak. Peter ominously tells Hatake that things will be over `sooner than he thinks`. Creepy, but begs more questions as to just how intelligent the Vectors really are. And I`m always surprised as to Hatake`s responses to the most unique and terrifying of situations. His reaction to finding Peter in his office was one that any of us would have if we found a raccoon rifling through our trash.

In the meantime, Alan & Julia meet a silver-eyed captive in the basement of the abandoned station. An eerily creepy guy who, apparently has been locked up for 29 years by Hatake. We finally get some answers regarding the mystery behind Ilaria and who these guys are. Creepy bald man reveals that there are 500 Immortals, and they are who run Ilaria. There is some other tidbits of information, but it`s out of context, and the dude ends killing himself before any other answers can be revealed. Daniel saves Alan & Julia from the guy shooting at them. They burn the station and the Narvik virus down with it. However, the last scene shows us that Julia held onto the virus… *cue ominous music*

This episode of HELIX was particularly boring. There wasn`t much going on in terms of anything interesting, nor was it particularly good. Why does Julia hold onto the virus? Who are the 500? Where did they come from and how are they immortal. Hopefully these questions get answered this season and aren’t left lingering for a while. HELIX has a very good chance of going down the crapper if they don’t watch their step.

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