GAME OF THRONES: Season 4, Episode 1 Review

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The Game is on with the beginning of Season 4 of one of the most shock and awe-worthy shows in television today, GAME OF THRONES. Episode One is quite possibly the tamest of any episode of the Series thus far, but that’s only in comparison to other, more brutal episodes. The complications of the last season are a bit simplified, as things go at a more relaxed pace than we’re used to, which is quite a relief after the mass murderous excitement of last Season.

The 1st episode of Season 4 deals with largely an establishing tone of what’s now going on in the greater picture of Westeros. We see how Jaime Lannister is settling into his return to King’s Landing. After being crippled with only one hand, Jamie fights his with father, Tywin Lannister, and refuses to leave the Kingsgaurd and stay in Kings’ Landing. Despite his upbeat nature, his incestuous relationship with Cersei seems strained as she keeps refusing his… advances, implying that there is more to their distance than Jamie might even be aware of. I have a feeling that Jamie’s story arc is going to the best most interesting of this Season. Season 3 of Game Of Thrones saw him transform from a villain, to an almost anti-hero character. His time on the road with Brienne has softened him, and caused him to show some semblance of honor and morality, and it doesn’t seem like she’ll let him forget it anytime soon. I can see Jamie Lannister becoming the leading man of the Series during this Season, similar to how Tyrion took center stage in Season 2 after Ned’s death.


The entire kingdom is preparing for the King’s wedding, and as a result, guests are pouring into King’s Landing. One of who is a Dornish known as Prince Oberyn, a hot-tempered, murderous warrior with an axe to grind with the Lannisters. This guy will definitely be a driving force of this season. He looks just as badass as he seems to be defiant, as he plainly states to Tyrion that his reason for coming to the Capitol, is to even things with Tywin Lannister. Speaking of, our resident imp seems to have taken a backseat, story wise, as he’s still in timid and pathetic mode, after his demotion since his father’s return. Although, I have a feeling that Jamie and him will see more eye to eye now that both brothers have tread on the path of good, and can both be considered outsiders due to their physical… unique-nesses.

Jon Snow is back at The Wall, warning everyone of the impending Wildling attack, while more forces join together beyond the wall, waiting on the signal to attack. Jon spends barely a minute lamenting on the loss of his family, given that he is the only remaining heir to the Stark family, not counting Bran & Rickon, whom we have yet to see what happened of them. Jon is the only able bodied heir of Winterfell, that is, if he’s even counted given that he’s a Bastard to Stark. I expected more of Jon this episode, but it’s only the 2nd episode, so I’m not too worried. Daenerys is shown as marching towards another city, now with her massive Unsullied army and her wicked cool Dragons. That’s all we really see of her, except some character establishing scenes of dialogue. I really hope we see more of her this Season than just walking like the last. Don’t need a LORD OF THE RINGS situation here.


The 1st episode of Season 4 of Game Of Thrones picks up steam only when we find to how Arya Stark is faring, after experiencing the death of her mother and brother last Season. Being taken away by the Hound, Arya is going through a sense of loss and abandonment. Only when she comes across the person who killed her friend in Season 3 and stole her sword, does she show some semblance of determination. During the ensuing brawl between The Hound and a group of men, Arya reclaims her sword, and takes her revenge, by murdering the man in cold blood, and with extreme prejudice. What’s scary is that she seemed to almost enjoy it, given her smile at the last scene of the episode. For such a young girl, Arya has gone from experiencing her father beheaded, to hearing about her entire family being murdered and her home burning to the ground, and being helplessly oblivious to do anything about it.  It’s not surprising to see her go so dark. But where she goes from her is going to be interesting to see unfold this Season. Not to mention what’s become of Stannis Baratheon and the crazy witch lady.

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