TV Series Review: TRUE BLOOD – Season 2 (2009)

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An awesome Vampire show that TRUE BLOOD is, Season Two amps up the adrenaline and over-all ‘WTF’ attitude of the show to levels never before seen. With a unique and completely original story arc, Season two follows the whole town going bat shit, along with a kidnapping scenario as tensions between vampires and humans escalate in the world.

Multiple storylines that converge near the end keeps Season Two fresh and full of surprises. I know I’m getting clichéd here, but hot damn is it true. Starting off with the introduction of the character of Maryann near the end of Season 1, this whole season features her; complete with her mysterious connection to Sam, her over the top free loving hippy attitude, that to be honest creeps the hell outta me. We also get to see a helluva lot of the intense Eric, a sheriff in the hierarchy of the vampire world. The involvement of Tara, and eventually the whole town, in all out hedonism and orgies is intriguing as hell to watch (I mentioned orgies right?) and the revelation is just as jaw dropping and just pure… messed up. While the small town morally deteriorates around them, Sookie has been called on by the Sheriff Eric to use her telepathic abilities to help locate a missing elder Vampire known only as Godric. Through this we get to a see a lot more of the Vampire community, their rules, and their lifestyle, not to mention their politics.

The introduction of an anti-vampire, almost Brady Bunch-like church, that recruits Sookie’s misguided brother Jason with their vampire killing agenda, helps the season with some ominously funny moments. Creepy as it is to watch, these sunshine and lollipops religious fanatics are a great addition to this season as through them, the same parallels are drawn to real life religious groups that oppose anything and anyone different, and credit the division to ‘God’s word’. We are also introduced to other vampires and the politics involved with revealing themselves to the world. Surprisingly, their world consists of the same, bickering and power struggles, betrayal and deceit that our political world is plagued with. And then… there’s the love triangle.

Yes, I said it. But it’s not the cheesy type of morally wrong triangle that we’re used to seeing more recently **cough*twilight*cough**. But a more mature, and mysterious triangle, the motivations of which are yet to be revealed. Essentially Eric seems to be drawn to Sookie due to her mysterious talent, which obviously creates some less than happy reactions from Bill.

Season 2 of TRUE BLOOD really works hard to crank up the entire world of vampires and human and others… (wink wink) as things go out of control and chaotic, and it’s up to the inhabitants of the small town of Bon Temps to get back to the humdrum that was their lives. (Kind of hard to unring that bell now though.) It’s got to be one of the more original arcs I’ve seen featured in any TV series in the last 10 years. There are a lot of revelations about the origins of Eric, Sam… and an impressive story arc featuring Tara’s gay, drug dealing, and porn website making cousin Lafayette. We even get to meet the Queen of the vampires! *gasp*

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