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For those not familliar with the “Trailer Talk” feature here at Blank Page Beatdown:

“Trailer Talk” is where I document my freak outs regarding upcoming films that I get super excited about. Or rip apart with my super critical bionic eye. It’s also an attempt to feature some films that may not get the attention they deserve prior to release, but movies definitely worth keeping an eye out for. Not the bionic one. Sometimes I make predictions, and we get to see if I’m right or wrong after the movie releases.”

Being in a country where You Tube’s was banned, and TV channels not always getting the latest North American movie trailers right away for the last 2.5 years, I’ve been severely deprived of Movie Trailers. Sometimes only finding out about certain movies when Reviews are posted online reacting with: ‘This exists?!’

So despite going to see WORLD WAR Z in just a few hours, I haven’t been exposed to many of its trailers or the usual hype. So I figured I’d go in prepared, with prejudices, rash judgements and all that good stuff that enhances the experience of movie watching. Here’s my first reaction to the Brad Pitt produced and starring WORLD WAR Z, hours before I watch the movie and write my Review…

The trailer follows a basic premise and sequence of events we’re all used to. Happy family is being happy. Something ominious happens. The reveal is a shocker, aided by special effects. Family scrambles to safety, at which point we get the actual set up of the story. The world is being overrun with some threat, (they don’t actually mention ‘Zombies’) but the title of the movie kind of gives it away. For whatever reason, our father figure hero, Brad Pitt, has to go on a mission to save the world. Of course. The rest of the trailer is action, action and some crazy ass action sequences.

What grabs me right away, is that these ‘Zombies’ are different than the ones we’re used to in other mediums like Comics & TV Shows. They’re not slow moving, brain dead, glassy eyed creatures drooling for ‘brains!’. They seem to be some type of advanced, hyperactive, roided out, spinach eating super Zombies! This is different. And scarier. I can do different, I’ll let you know about scary after.

The second trailer just does a different version of the happy family scene. Not to mention a cool scene with one of these fuckers on a plane. It’s Zombies on a plane!! WORLD WAR Z looks super interesting. It’s not a post apocalyptic Zombie movie as featured in THE WALKING DEAD or I AM LEGEND. It’s a Zombie movie that seems to shows us exactly how we got to the ravaged and desolate world set up in those stories.

Watch this space for the WORLD WAR Z Movie Review, coming up in less than 10 hours! Share your thoughts on this movie before I go to watch it below!

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