Trailer Talk: WONDER WOMAN (2017) SDCC 2016 Trailer – Empowerment Done Right

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Despite over 75 years in the character’s history, Wonder Woman has never had her own live action feature length film. This is all about to change in 2017, as Gal Gadot is set to continue her role as the iconic character in her own movie directed by Patty Jenkins. Part of the DC Extended Universe, the ‘Wonder Woman‘ movie will provide an origin story for the character after her introduction in ‘Batman V. Superman’ in 2016.

So check out first official Trailer for ‘Wonder Woman’ coming out of SDCC 2016.

I keep harping on the fact that the DCEU movies aren’t doing anything new. As even the Justice League’ trailer shows, there’s a certain formulaic element to the story and their progression. Similarly, ‘Wonder Woman‘ is an origin story in the truest sense of the phrase. Going back to showing who this character is, how she gets tangled up in the inner workings of mankind and exactly why she is so awesome. Most importantly, why her story is worth telling. And it most definitely is.

The ‘Wonder Woman’ movie seems to be following a beat by beat path from the 2009 ‘Wonder Woman’ animated feature. The character is shown in her own home, along with a race of mythical female warriors, living in a peaceful utopia without the presence of man. This changes when an army officer washes up on their shores, introducing Diana to the tumultuous and intriguing world of men, and causing her to get involved in their drama. This is how Wonder Woman leaves her home to step into the land of man, and all the complications that come with it.
Trailer Talk: WONDER WOMAN (2017) SDCC 2016 Trailer - Empowerment Done Right

The Trailer is an action packed extravaganza of awesome-ness. And having two daughters of my own, who have yet to experience a female superhero movie without considerations that take away from the character: it’s about damn time! The trailer rightly so focuses on the character of Wonder Woman and her strength and independence, without going about it in the conventional ways. While most female led films always resort to overt displays of empowerment in an attempt to not-so-subtly show the character’s strength, director Patty Jenkins (‘Monster’) does this very subtly and within the framework of the action in the film. Gadot isn’t shown grunting, flexing, or spouting one liners of eye-roll worthy dialogue. Instead, the neutrality of her expression and collected nature during the actions scenes convey a deeper sense of confidence, or arrogance even, than any masculine swagger has in male orientated action movie. This continues the similar reaction we had of Wonder Woman from ‘Batman V. Superman’, when a smirk during an action scene, made fans go crazy at her badassery.

The dynamics between her and Steve Trevor is also a point of note, as Diana is shown to be independent and mature, while not undermining Trevor’s masculinity or capabilities themselves. This is something that male dominated films and writers need to take note of; the concept of not putting down one, in order to raise another. A female character, supporting or otherwise, can be on the same level as her male counterpart, emotionally, physically and in every other way, without the need to undermine one over the rather. This trailer makes it painfully apparent that those two concepts aren’t at odds with one another, but can easily be exclusive to one another. And I hope this is further explored in the (hopefully) inevitable relationship between Wonder Woman and Batman, in the subsequent DCEU films. 

In a movie about iconic characters like Batman & Superman, one leaves with a brand new interest in Wonder Woman.

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Chris Pine (‘Star Trek Beyond’) is the man that introduces Diana to the world. Steve Trevor in the original 2009 ‘Wonder Woman’ was basically the comic relief of the film. It seems Trevor’s depiction in the live action adaptation is following suit as he seems to be the centre of majority of the jokes seen in the trailer. Not all of them land of course, but that can be more due to the cutting of the Trailer from relevant scenes, than any shortcoming on Pine’s part.

But let’s talk about the woman herself. Gal Gadot continues her portrayal of one of the most iconic fictional female characters in history as Diana Prince / Wonder Woman. Gadot isn’t the best actress, but her inexperience in context of a woman seeing a new world, actually works. Similar to Henry Cavill’s inexperience in ‘Man Of Steel’ lining up with the character’s motivation of not belonging, the same works for ‘Wonder Woman’. Gadot’s eager eyes and measured delivery works for a character who is seeing and experiencing new things, while also having the confidence of a trained warrior. It’s a very balanced performance thus far, and Gadot looks like she’s having a lot of fun with it.

Similar to the ‘Justice League’ Trailer, ‘Wonder Woman’s trailer offers nothing of the confict of the story, or even an antagonist. It’s a more sizzle reel for the character, with glorifying action sequences, tidbits of her origin and establishing her as a cool enough character to get casual audiences excited in this movie. And towards that end, it works wonders. (Pun very much intended!)

The film boasts of a stellar supporting cast that includes Robin Wright, (‘House Of Cards’) seeing whom in full on action seems gets me that much more excited for the film. Setting the movie in WWI is also intriguing as that’s an era that actions movies rarely explore as the more popular older brother in WWII is favored in that regard. The action scene with Amazons lends that much more credence to the theory that this film will follow the story shown in the 2009 animated feature. And if so, then I wonder if the God of War Ares will be featured as the main villain, or will they choose someone else who has more connection to a storyline that connects events to the other DCEU characters and movies.

‘Wonder Woman’ stars Gal Gadot, Chris Pine and Robin Wright, directed by Patty Jenkins. The film releases June 2nd, 2017.

What did you think of the first ever ‘Wonder Woman’ feature film trailer?

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