Trailer Talk: THE ATTACKS OF 26/11 (2013)

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I’m big a fan of Ram Gopal Varma movies. Which is the only reason I checked out this Trailer for THE ATTACKS OF 26/11, which you can see below.

As a rule of the Trailer Talk feature on this Blog, I don’t do any research before or after watching the Trailer for a certain movie. I feel that the Trailer for a movie should be everything the audience needs to see before deciding if they’ll watch a movie or not… that’s kind of the point of Trailers anyways isn’t it? And this feature is meant to note down my knee jerks reactions to Trailers I watch, as a means of discussing them with you… the world.

Having said that let me also say now that I know nothing about the Attacks on 26/11. Therefore, the entire story, concept and situation of this Trailer was completely lost on me. The trailer for RGV’s newest movie, THE ATTACKS ON 26/11, seems to heavily rely on prior knowledge of those events, to make the Trailer that much more dramatic.

Ram Gopal Varma at the launch…

However, for someone that has no idea what happened that day, that impact is lost. I like Nana Patekar, who seems to be in the movie. And from what I gathered, the entire film seems to be a retelling during a judicial hearing of the events of that day, which seems like a terrorist attack?

Again, I could do a lot of research to find out and put the Trailer into context, but it defeats the point. I will still definitely watch THE ATTACKS OF 26/11 when it releases, simply because it’s an RGV film.

Weird enough, as of the writing of this post. IMDB has no record of this film, or a release date. There is a title which shows up on a search, but leads to a “Page not found” error. Maybe they’re creating it now.

Did the Trailer for THE ATTACKS OF 26/11 confuse anyone else? I’d like to hear more from people who knew the real life incident the movie depicts. Let me know in the comments below.

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