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Life is good. After the hugely successful Web Series adaptation of the Mortal Kombat franchise that turned the entire concept of adaptations on its head, we are now getting a worthy adaptation to another hugely successful video game franchise, STREET FIGHTER! Try to contain your childish glee as you watch this Teaser Trailer…

While not showing us a lot, except torturous teaser shots of Ryu & Ken in their legendary color coordinated attire, the Trailer does build a lot of interest. We know immediately that it`s a story concentrated on Ryu and Ken, along with their master. There are intense fight scenes along with some mysterious emotional content as well it seems. One thing that stands out immediately is that the lack of commonly known characters from the game in an attempt to market the show to fans. This is most definitely a good thing, as it shows the makers focus on content rather than pandering to the audience by cramming in recognizable faces and characters.

Although, if I had to randomly guess completely off the top of my head: The only girl featured is ChunLi. The old dude is Gouken. The bearded guy in the end is Shang Tsun— oh, wrong game. Ill be disappointed if Zangief doesn’t show up, especially after his amazing work in WRECK IT RALPH.

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The (apparently) cult hit short film in 2010 called STREET FIGHTER: LEGACY (Review coming soon) directly paved the way for this ongoing series.  As per the synopsis on their official website, the story does focus on Ryu & Kens friendship and rivalry, and leads up to how the other characters of the Street Fighter franchise are introduced. It`s a great first step into something, hopefully, even bigger.

Machinma previously featured the Mortal Kombat Legacy series (Review coming soon), with put an innovatively unique spin on that game franchise, so here`s hoping the same can be done with STREET FIGHTER with ASASSINS FIST! There is currently no release date of the show yet, however stay tuned to the official website + YouTube channels for more information.

Street Fighter: Assassin`s Fist Official Website
Street Fighter: Assassin`s Fist Official YouTube Channel

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