Trailer Talk: SHOOTOUT AT WADALA (2013)

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Disclaimer: This edition of Trailer Talk features heavy swearing, in homage to one of my favorite Directors, Sanjay Gupta and his films!

Holy mother of fuck! After awesome movies like KAANTE, Director Sanjay Gupta is back with a big ass mother fuckin’ bang!! Check out this high-octane trailer of SHOOTOUT AT WADALA and lemme catch my breath before we get into this.

Looking like a typical ‘cops vs. gangsters’ movie, SHOOTOUT AT WADALA features some kick ass action and promises great performances by some of my badass actors.

It’s hard to pin down the lead off the movie from the Trailer showing a shitload of amazing actors, but who gives a fuck? Starting with a narration from John Abraham, an ambitious gangster, telling us that this story is about how he (his character) changed the history of the Mumbai Police’s interaction with the criminal world. Anil Kapoor then chimes in with his version of how he changed shit for the Mumbai Police.

he looks genuinely badass!

What follows is one of the best Trailers ever, as we see a cut up of awesome scenes, with a who’s who list of all the faces in the movie. Manoj Bajpayee as one of the leading gangsters whom John Abraham plans to overthrow. Then we’ve got Sonu Sood playing his brother. Tusshar’s sporting a rockin’ gangster chinstrap as part of John’s crew. There’s a glimpse of Mahesh Manjrekar as some cop. We get to see a frightened Kangana Ranaut as well. While Anil Kapoor is the cop chasing the bad guys.

he’s grown up so much… *sniff…

It’s very refreshing to see Anil Kapoor in a more badass role, regardless of his age. I was getting a little sick of him in his shitty suit and tie roles like the ones in the upcoming RACE 2. It’s great to see him getting down and dirty as a cop literally chasing down criminals on the streets and fucking them up himself.

i think they’re disagreeing about something…?

John Abraham seems to be the main ‘hero’ of SHOOTOUT AT WADALA, if the Trailer is any indication. The last half has us see John in all his rippling ab-tacular glory, fuckin’ grunting and in vein popping histrionics.

The action seems to be grounded in brutal reality while being badass as fuck! No bodies flying off screen in ways that defy the rules of Physics. The visuals and scope of the movie seem amazing, as there’s tension between the Law and underworld, but there’s also a turf war between John and Bajpayee and Sood going on as well.  And EVERYONE’s rocking a fuckin’ awesome ass moustache! This looks like the shit my friends.

he’s pissed ‘cuz someone drank his protein shake 😐

SHOOTOUT AT WADALA, releasing on May 1st, 2013, has officially become one of my most awaited films of 2013. Is it one of yours? Let me know in the comments below…

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