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The Trailer for RED 2, the sequel to the pretty cool and entertaining 2011 movie RED… has arrived.

Let’s be fair. RED wasn’t that amazing, but it was highlarious and action packed and all that good stuff that entertaining cinema is made for. A mindless blockbuster to be enjoyed when those synopses up in the noggin just ain’t firin’ goodly.

RED 2 keeps that tradition alive with another awesomely action packed Trailer. Not much can be gathered about the story other than the fact that now, it seems Bruce Willis, along with his new gal pal from the 1st movie, are on the run as the object of everyone’s desire. To be killed… if I was being too subtle.

The Trailer features some of the same stuff from the first movie. A crazy ass performance by the awesome John Malkovitch, which is a treat to watch. Helen Mirren being deadly while sporting a dead pan British expression. Again… awesome. And Bruce Willis and that horribly immoral mom from the TV Show WEEDS doing their cutesy love story deal.

It’s great. Oh, but there’s some new faces along for the ride. Catherine Zeta-Jones comes along as, I can only suspect, a cow-girl with whom Willis’ character has sexual tension and unresolved issues from the past? Only time will tell. Oh and there’s some awesome Asian dude doing some Martial Arts movements, probably meant to replace the Karl Urban dynamic from the 1st film. And Anthony Hopkins in, I don’t know what kind of role.

he does look pretty bad ass though…

RED 2 is overflowing with explosions and actionings and looks to not be diverging too far from it’s predecessor when it releases on August 2nd, 2013.

I’m pumped. Are you? Let me know in the comments below.

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