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I don’t like Michael Bay. But I don’t hate all his movies. I’ve been looking forward to PAIN AND GAIN for years now. Check out the Trailer below.

It’s Mark Wahlberg together with Dwayne Johnson, (The Rock) both as body builders looking for something more in life. And it’s awesome!

Mark Wahlberg plays, yet again, another smart yet very innocent and naïve guy who wants more out of life than his current go nowhere and broke life. So he decides to kidnap a rich guy and take all his money solely based on the fact that he’s ‘seen a lot of movies’. It’s awesome!

Dwayne Johnson is back!! I love this guy. Despite what anyone says, he is an amazing actor, has great comic timing and will kick ass in a dramatic role with some substance, once someone offers it to him.

In PAIN AND GAIN, Johnson plays another body builder who goes along with Wahlberg and his plan. Johnson’s character seems super soft and slow. When he objects to violence, Wahlberg consoles him by promising to go camping. I mentioned that this looks awesome yes?

Michael Bay is no doubt an amazingly commercial director who is a whore to the dollar bills. Given that, PAIN AND GAIN seems like an amazingly offbeat movie that is borderline quirky comedy and action entertainer.

I am mad pumped for this and cannot wait when it releases on April 26th, 2013. Are you pumped? Let me know in the comments below.


Pain & Gain Official Site

Pain & Gain on IMDB

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zackmandell · February 5, 2013 at 2:56 AM

This is a fun looking movie trailer. Not a huge Bay fan but this could be a good one.

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