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It’s been a long time coming, and now it’s finally here. The trailer for Spike Lee’s Hollywood adaptation of the twisted Asian film, OLDBOY

Warning: The Trailer below is a Red Band Trailer, not intended for all audiences.

Immediately there’s mystery, intrigue and intense emotional anxiety in this movie. Apparently Josh Brolin plays a guy who was mysteriously imprisoned for 20 years, framed for his wife’s murder, taken away from his toddler daughter… and then released with no explanation whatsoever.

This is the story, and the driving force for the motivations of the lead. Josh Brolin is a badass actor, and of the more recent  films he’s done, this seems to be the most physically demanding. The montage in the beginning of him trying to occupy his time in a shitty room for 20 years is very heavy. And one can only imagine (until the movie releases) what this type of isolation does to the mindframe of a man.

Josh Brolin, Samuel L. Jackson in Oldboy directed by Spike Lee 2013

The action picks up right away when he’s released, where he essentially goes on a vendetta rampage to find out who did this to him, and why they released him. The only natural reaction after such an ordeal. There is, what looks to be, flipping crazy ass amazing action sequences with the (as fans of the original will recognize) infamous hammer! Samuel L. Jackson is also in OLDBOY too as one of the antagonists it seems.

Anyone who’s seen the original OLDBOY knows exactly how fucked up it is. So if nothing else, the Hollywood adaptation will be interesting as hell just to see how they change the story, or don’t.

We’ll find out when OLDBOY releases on October 25th, 2013.


Oldboy on IMDB

The Original Oldboy on IMDB

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