Trailer Talk: October 2014 (Bollywood Edition)

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“Trailer Talk” is about anticipated upcoming films and an attempt to feature some films that may not get the attention they deserve prior to release, but movies definitely worth keeping an eye out for. Sometimes I make predictions, and we get to see if I’m right or wrong after the movie releases.

October 2014 seems light for the month of Bollywood with only a hand full of releases. Trailer Talk has some of the most exciting ones below.

BANG BANG (October 2nd, 2014)

The month opens with a Bang, (I had to) with the official Bollywood remake of the Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz starrer, KNIGHT AND DAY (my Review here). For some reason titled BANG BANG, the movie starring Hrithik Roshan & Katrina Kaif looks very similar to the original with many scenes looking exactly like the Hollywood version. The look and feel definitely seem very polished and glossy, and with Hrithik playing an unhinged action hero along with the return of Danny Denzopanga in an all out villain role (it seems) this should be very pretty bang on. (No more).

HAIDER (October 2nd, 2014)

After OMKARA & MAQBOOL, critically acclaimed Director Vishal Bhardwaj returns with his adaptation of HAMLET aptly titled, HAIDER. The Trailer blows minds as it directly translates some of William Shakespeare’s lines into Hindi and delivers them just as effectively. Shahid Kapoor looks impressive and supported by a veteran cast of Kay Kay Menon, Irfan Khan and Tabu, HAIDER is my Bollywood movie of the Month!

TAMANCHEY (October 10th, 2014)

Well this seems generically tedious. TAMANCHEY is almost like a wannabe Bonnie & Clyde with Richa Chaddha & Nikhil Dwivedi committing crimes while in love. Despite the attempts to make the film seem luxuriously bright and colourful, it seems uninteresting and dull. The interaction and chemistry between the lead pair seems ever so forced. Not expecting much from this.

SONALI CABLE (October 17th, 2014)

Another small film with over the top characters and some dull plot points points. Albeit slightly interesting story, the Trailer doesn’t drum any any care or interest in the movie or its stars. The only thing of note is that it’s produced by Ramesh Sippy, who brought us movies like BLUFFMASTER.

SUPER NANI (October 24th, 2014)

Bharat Shah & Inder Kumer, guys stuck in the old school style of films bring us yet ‘another family entertainer’ which intentionally pulls at the heart strings with overly callous characters and preachy & melodramatic dialogues. People being mean to their mom, a makeover, cliche’d scenes of shocked family members… it all seems so stuck in the 90’s, and the film is even touted as being from the makers of BETA. It’s like they’re not even trying to connect to a new audience.

HAPPY NEW YEAR (24th October, 2014)

After fun, but over all shitfests like MAIN HOON NA & OM SHANTI OM, Farah Khan brings back her brand of masala entertainers with HAPPY NEW YEAR. Despite some quirky scenes, some funny moments, this seems like the typical commercial fan fare with no substance, but a good entertainer to turn the brain off. Abhisek Bachchan returns after a while with a film, but sad to see he’s not featured much in the Trailer. The rest of the cast as usual, seem to be playing 2nd fiddle to Shahrukh Khan as usual, so this one to me will be a success if it’s utter crap.

FIREFLIES (31st October, 2014)

FIREFLIES looks like a small cool film with Rahul Khanna, reappearing after a long time. Seemingly entirely in English, the movie seems to to have some great emotional moments about the lives of two brothers and their differences. Despite not being my kind of preferred movie, I just can’t say no to Monica Dogra in a bikini.

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