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I’m calling it right now: OBLIVION is a mind fuck movie that’s going to have a big ass twist in the end.

First JACK REACHER, and now Tom Cruise returns with OBLIVION as Jack Harper. Anyone but me think his character’s names need more work? I wanna see Cruise try to own and make badass a name which conventionally might not be so. Eugene Myrtle Slazinsky. Yea… that’s it.

the poster does nothing for me…

Moving on. The stage is set: Earth has been mostly devastated and left barren. Tom Cruise and his red headed lady friend are the ‘mop up crew’ on drone repair. They’ve got 2 weeks to go then they get to go home. But of course something has to go wrong.

So Earth is barren, and Cruise is essentially a glorified mechanic fixing drones (what they do is not yet revealed) who’s almost done this horrible job. I feel LETHAL WEAPON-like ‘I’m too old for this shit’ lines coming on.

who’s he pointing the gun at… *gasp*

Anyways, weird shit is happening on Earth by now, and there’s something lurking beyond the visibility. Harper gets caught and interrogated by Morgan Freeman and a group of what I can only assume are Morlocks or underground mole people. They are nice to him, as much as a rebel group of underground kidnappers can be, and tell him things that make him question what he’s been told so far, and basically set the stage for a mindfuck. I can see it coming.

As Harper investigates, he finds other human bodies in stasis, there’s a huge mystery and he knows he’s not being told everything. We see his read headed friend betray him with vague comments and a whole load of other conspiracy brewing.

I feel this is going to be a lowly employee who hasn’t been clued in on the grand scheme of things, stumbles upon the a huge, world changing scheme, the revelation of which, will be a mind fuck! Maybe this isn’t even Earth. Maybe it’s a prehistoric Earth and the drones are planting the seeds for Human Evolution and Freeman + crew are evolved Neanderthals? There’s a major corporation at work here too. Intuition!

visual look awesome though…

I’m telling you… mind fuck. You’ll see. In the meantime, I’m SO down for an end of the world saga and OBLIVION looks to deliver.

OBLIVION releases April 19th. Anyone else with me?

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