Trailer Talk: NOVEMBER 2016 – Oscar Contenders, Superheroes & Biographicals Galore!

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It’s been a good year for movies. But the year is by no means over. The last two months sees the release of some amazing blockbusters, superhero movies and some heavy weight Oscar contenders. I’ll round up the latest releases of November 2016 below, and make sure you read on to find out why I’m most excited for this bunch. 

So let’s check out the trailers for the releases in November 2016.

‘Doctor Strange’ – November 4th, 2016

The Marvel Cinematic Universe juggernauts through with the debut of a brand new hero joining the universe. ‘Doctor Strange’ marks a new era for the MCU. Thus far, the world has been more steeped in science related reality. Heroes like Iron Man, Ant Man, Captain America, have origin stories steeped in man-made concepts of science and technology. While Thor, Guardians Of The Galaxy’ have become more other worldly  and alien ideas.

Doctor Strange would be the first character in the MCU who brings a more reality bending concept of the supernatual and mystical into the world. Not only does the movie look like an amazing origin story, but with the likes of an actor like Benedict Cumberbatch leading the way, it’s also going to be interesting to see how this Universe and its characters responds to someone like Strange.

‘Doctor Strange’ also stars Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rachel McAdams, Benedict Wong, Tilda Swinton & Madds Mikelsen.

‘Hacksaw Ridge’ – November 4th, 2016

Going from being Spiderman to becoming one of the hottest potential Oscar candidates this year is Andrew Garfield. Not only does the kid look amazingly strong in his performance here, but playing real life people always seem to be very Oscar bait-y.

It also helps that this is the first Mel Gibson directed film in 10 years. Despite all his controversies and scandals, it’s undeniable that Gibson is a better director than actor. (some may even say than a person) So it’s highly exciting that a Gibson directorial venture is coming to theaters this month.

The film itself looks like an amazing story and I’m definitely excited for this.

‘Hacksaw Ridge’ also stars Teresa Palmer, Vince Vaughan, Sam Worthington & Hugo Weaving.

‘Loving’ – November 4th, 2016

Another Oscar contender that’s been winning hearts in all the major film festivals this year is ‘Loving’. The way underrated Joel Edgerton packs an emotional performance into this movie about a mixed race relationship. Ruth Negga, mostly known from ‘Agents Of SHIELD’ and her recent performance in ‘Preacher’, looks to be a restraint powerhouse here as well, and the chemistry between the two is phenomenal.

The movie itself looks to be a gut punch with its subject matter. It’s worse when you realize that the movie is based on a true story.

‘Loving’ also stars Michael Shannon.

‘Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk’ – November 11th

Being heralded as a revolutionary movie, ‘Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk’ has been made with leaps to the technical filmmaking process by Director Ang Lee. The movie has been shot in a different frame rate than standard, and it’s something that should apparently revolutionize movies. The story however, has taken some criticism from early Reviews.

The movie looks pretty damn good. A war epic, the trailer gives very good glimpses into some of the performances, and, while the story seems to be a typical finding-oneself-in-war trope, it definitely looks interesting.

‘Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk’ also stars Kristen Stewart, Vin Diesel, Steve Martin, Garrett Hedlund and Chris Tucker.

Arrival‘ – November 11th, 2016

Premiering at TIFF, ‘Arrival’ is an interesting and high brow alien invasion movie starring Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner. The film also sees what Director Denis Villeneuve can do prior to his helming the ‘Bladerunner‘ sequel.

The trailer makes the movie looks very interesting and a realistic approach of the alien invasion genre as seen in many other films.

Arrival‘ also stars Forest Whittaker.

‘Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them’ – November 18th, 2016

The Harry Patter universe continues and spins off into America with this latest movie in the franchise. Starring Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne, the spin-off brings the magical world of wizards together with the unsuspecting world of non-magic people in this amazingly confrontational movie.

On top of being an adventure film, the movie seems to focus a lot on these two worlds living side by side and how tensions between them come to a head. Definitely seems like a must-watch for any Harry Potter fan, but also good enough to be a standalone movie on its on.

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them’ also stars Collin Farrell, Ezra Miller, Zoe Kravitz, Ron Perlman & Jon Voight.

‘Bleed For This’ – November 18th, 2016

The young Miles Teller continues to dominate with interesting roles, bouncing back from the ‘Fantastic Four’ debacle. The actor keeps coming up with interesting films and roles, and ‘Bleed For This’ looks like it’s no exception.

The film documents the journey of a cocky boxer from a life threatening injury, back into fighting shape through sheer grit and determination alone. This looks like its Teller’s movie all the way, which is refreshing given the kid has only been in ensemble or multi hero films thus far. 

‘Bleed For This’ also stars Aaron Eckhart and Katey Sehgal.

Moana‘ – November 18th, 2016

Disney’s at it again, with another awesome adventure story featuring a young girl in the lead. And this one stars Dwayne Johnson in a hilarious role. Disney’s become very good at representation and this time the story seems to be about and set in a Hawaiian or island setting.

It’s a cool way to showcase stories and characters from different cultures and worlds, and one only hopes that it’s a progressive depiction with something for everyone.

So which movie are you most looking forward to in November 2016? 

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