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This Fall Season of television sees an onslaught of new comic book shows, with the promise of more to come over the next few months. Returning shows…. return. While new Shows with much buzz from almost a year ago finally premiere. It’s going to be an exciting Season, so let’s check out some of the most anticipated TV Shows of Fall 2014.

GOTHAM (Series Premiere: September 22nd @ 8 PM EDT on FOX)

Similar to SMALLVILLE, (probably the worst way to start this sentence) an origin story of one of the greatest superhoes is going way, way back with the series premiere of GOTHAM. Focusing on long-time Batman ally Police Officer James Gordon, the series looks to explore the origins of the inhabitants of this city, who infamously become its villains, and maybe some heroes. The show will do so by filling in the gap from after the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents, and the emergence of Batman. Like SMALLVILLE there does seem to be an expiry date on the show, since they will most likely want to end by the time Bruce becomes Batman. The pros: Anyone who has seen the TNT Cop Drama SOUTHLAND can attest that lead Ben McKenzie’s acting chops go far beyond THE OC. A riveting crime drama procedural set in Batman’s backyard in a pre-Batman era is definitely interesting enough to draw in a crowd. My concerns: The trailer and all marketing material seem to focus on ‘The Origins’, even going as far as showing some of Batman’s Rogue’s gallery right away, so I fear for a lack of material beyond this in future Seasons. If so much is given up right away, what more will the show explore going forward? My other concern: With the inclusion of a young Bruce Wayne character… how are they going to justify the continued interaction between a young Cop and this 12 year old boy after more than a few episodes? I guess we’ll find out.

THE BLACKLIST (Season 2 Premiere: 10 PM EDT on NBC)

A show about one of the country’s most wanted criminals, seeking immunity in exchange for handing the FBI a laundry list of unknown bad guys premiered last season called THE BLACKLIST. (My Review of Season 1 here) While being a moderately good show, it’s put over the top solely due to James Spader’s captivating performance, as a quirky and entitles middleman in all things illegal and high class. The show also includes a female lead that breaks some pretty good stereotypes. The over arcing story of last season was all twisted to a specific focus, implying a deeper connection between Spader’s character & his FBI liaison played by Megan Boone. Questions need answering as Season 2 comes our way next week!

 FOREVER (Series Premiere: September 22nd @ 10 PM on ABC) 

Despite the bad jokes, FOREVER seems interesting enough to check out, at least for the first few episodes. The show is about a Medical Examiner who can’t die, but wakes up in the water, naked every time he does. FOREVER pretty adequately sets about its expectations right front he get-go. The mystery behind his origins, why he is immortal; why he ends up in water alone and naked, seems just interesting enough to see if the show will even be worth going a full Season. Unfortunately, with a female detective hot on his trail and being on the ABC network, I expect a cheesy romance angle between the two… but we’ll see if I can make it past the first few episodes without cringing.

MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. (Season 2 Premiere: September 23rd @ 9 PM ETD on ABC)

Season 1 of MARVEL’s AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D had a lackluster start, but it only made it to the finish line due to the Cinematic Universe tie-in to one of summers bigger blockbuster movies, CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER. (My Review here) AoS succeeds only due to its completely innovative formula of being a tie-in TV Show that exists in the same universe as the big and epic films such as IRON MAN 3 (My Review here) and THE AVENGERS. This novelty of references, known faces and Easter eggs, pushed the show’s momentum forward in Season 1. Here’s hoping that Season 2 gives us a little more independence in the show, without relying on those other properties to make it interesting.

THE FLASH (Series Premiere: October 7th @ 8 PM EDT on THE CW)

THE FLASH is a direct spin-off to THE CW’s hit series ARROW, both based on DC Comics characters. Introduced within last season’s ARROW, this show sees comic icon Barry Allen brought to life as he gets hit by lightning and gains super powers that he uses to protect his city. Seemingly a very SMALLVILLE-like show in procedural format, THE FLASH seeks to bring a lighter tone with a different character to CW’s growing DC comics’ based shows. Looking like a very different show already, only time will tell if the happy and optimistic tone of THE FLASH can captivate audiences as much as the dark brood of ARROW has.

ARROW (Season 3 Premiere: October 8th @ 8 PM EDT on THE CW)

Season 3 of the super amazing hit series of ARROW (My Season 2 Review here) premieres soon! The amazingly well done and comprehensive super hero show continues its rampage on showing the world how to do a weekly series based on a comic book character, while keeping things fresh, interesting and innovative returns for a 3rd season with no signs of stopping. The show has even spawned a sequel and done more in the superhero TV genre in 2 seasons than some others shows have in 10 Seasons. After ridding the world of the threat of Deathstroke, Oliver Queen and company can take it easy with some new friends, new allies, all the while an even larger threat that’s been teased from Season 1 looms over them!

THE WALKING DEAD (Season 5 Premiere: October 12th @ 9PM EDT on AMC)

Rick is back bitches! (My Season 4 Finale Review here) After a devastating Season 4 on the most horrifying show in the world, Rick & crew have been taken hostage by the members of yet another community of human survivors. What are their intentions? What do they want? The Trailer seems to confirm the suspicions of some of us  saying they are cannibals, wearing plastic aprons and our survivors bound and gagged. With some very interesting one liners, some explosions and devastating moments, Season 5 looks to be the most bad-ass Season of THE WALKING DEAD yet…

CONSTANTINE (Series Premiere on October 24th @ 10 PM EDT on NBC)

After Keanu Reeves’ well liked, but ultimate failure in CONSTANTINE, DC will launch the same character as a weekly TV Show. About a bad-ass British guy who deals with demons and other creatures from hell, CONSTANTINE is the biggest supernaturally themed TV Series that will air after THE CW’s SUPERNATURAL, coincidentally also owned by DC & WB. So it’ll be great to see how such a show fares in the primetime slot on NBC. The DC onslaught of Shows this season is pretty intense, with CONSTANTINE rounding out the group on yet another network.

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