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Another day, another awesome Trailer. This time is a Bollywood movie featuring the great Naseeruddin Shah along with one of my favourite underrated actors, Randeep Hooda. Check out the Trailer for JOHNDAY…

This trailer is superb. It starts off with a mysterious death, there’s a little girl and what seems to be an investigating officer played by Naseeruddin Shah. My non-Bollywood readers will know him from movies such as THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN. How do I know he’s investigating? Because he’s seen wearing suit jackets and dress shirts, holding files and papers.

Naseeruddin Shah & Randeep Hooda in JohnDay Bollywood movie 2013

The voiceover implies a conspiracy or coverup. There’s shots of politicians and various suspenseful stuff, such as an aging Shah (no relation) trying to load a gun with shaky hands. What’s awesome about this is that the veteran actor is shown in a lot of action sequences, beat the fuck up and bloody as hell. Naseeruddin Shah as an action hero? Hell yes!

Randeep Hooda’s character seems to be a mystery, but he seems like a rogue hit man with his own interests. The voiceover has Shah & Hooda saying some of the same lines, and the Trailer is cut to make it look like they’re fighting against each other, but you never actually see them in the same frame together. It looks pretty badass as both actors seem to be involved in some heavy action scenes, and the dialogues just amp up the excitement even more, with Shah promising to ‘make them all pay’.

Naseeruddin Shah & Randeep Hooda in JohnDay Bollywood movie 2013

so badass…

Despite not showing us too much about what the movie is about, JOHN DAY seems to be an exciting mystery thriller, and I can’t wait until it releases on September 13th, 2013.


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