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Vivek Oberoi returns with a comic / gangster comedy with JAYANTABHAI KU LUV STORY.

Vivek Oberoi sucks at comedy roles. Every time he’s tried a comic role…. It’s bombed both critically and commercially. Examples include, FOOL N FINAL, PYARE MOHAN, HOME DELIVERY, etc. However, whenever he does a gangster role, those movies are both critically and commercially successful, like majorly successful; such as RAKHCHARITRA, SHOOTOUT AT LOKHANDWALA, OMKARA, COMPANY, etc

So this time, we’re seeing a mash up of those two genres from Oberoi with JAYANTABHAI KU LUV STORY, about how a crude and street thug falls in love with a polished urban valley girl type. And it seems to work, strangely.

Now hear me out. The Trailer sets up that the titular character Jayantabhai is a badass street thug. However, the conflict in the movie seems more about the pairing of the girl with Oberoi’s street thug routine. The girl looks like a hi-fi glamorous fashionista from high society. That’s the real source of comedy it seems.

The Trailer also features Oberoi narrating the story, and seems to sort of make fun of the genre, as he voice-overs the entry of the villain in the story as well. JAYANTIBHAI KU LUV STORY looks interesting enough, as most of the ‘funny’ is provided more by the dialogues and witty banter between the lead pair, instead of insane and ridiculous situational comedy.

This could easily be a parody of the typical “gangster” sub-genre in Bollywood and despite the commercial and obligatory song sequences and polished love scenes, this movie might be interesting.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to hearing the saga of JAYANTABHAI KI LUV STORY when it releases on February 15th, 2013?

 Let me know in the comments below.

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