Trailer Talk: JANUARY 2017 – Return Of Franchises, Critical Dramas & A Comedy

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The new year brings new movies with it, and this January 2017, we have quite a mixed bag of movies. From Horror, to Franchises returning as well as fun family movies. On this edition of Trailer Talk, we’ll take a look at some of them and decide if they’re worth a watch.

Trailer Talk presents the most interesting films releasing January 2017.

‘Underworld: Blood Wars’ – January 6th.

The umpteenth film in a franchise that’s been long dead returns with ‘Underworld: Blood Wars’. With the return of Kate Beckinsdale and other supporting characters in the franchise, the new movie puts Beckinsdale’s character center stage. The trailer doesn’t really provide anything new that the other films has shown us and gives us nothing new to be interested in this particular film. Next!

‘A Monster Calls’ – January 6th

A fantastic movie about love, loss and how a young mind deals with it is what ‘A Monster Calls’ is all about. When a young boy’s mother is diagnosed with a terminal illness, her son finds a way to cope that is both fantastical and wonderous. ‘A Monster Calls’ looks terrifically sad and tragic, while being visually impressive. Felicity Jones seems to give a powerful performance, while the young boy looks like he’s going to come off strong in this.

‘The Comedian’ – January 13th

After a string of ‘comedy’ films like ‘Bad Grandpa’, seems like Robert De Niro is finally doing something substantial like ‘The Comedian’. Playing a former comic, De Niro is accompanied here by a lot of fine actors from Billy Crystal, Danny De Vito and many others. While at first glance, an older De Niro as a comedian doesn’t really fit with my perception of him, the Trailer sells me on the idea by the end. Definitely worth checking out.

‘XXX: Return Of Xander Cage’  – January 20th

Now it’s time for the frivolous fluff film of the month, and when it comes to frvolity, you can’t beat a Vin Diesel led, straight up action movie. While this film has all the makings of a glorious good time, what really gets me excited is the bulky and brawny Diesel teaming up with Donnie Yen, the martial arts master. That combination should provide some really cool action sequences if the trailer is any indication.

‘The Founder’ – January 20th

This is the story of how the largest fast food chain in the entire world today, got its start. And best of all, it’s starring Micheal Keaton. I’m a sucker for true events  or bio-pic films, and if ‘The Social Network’ was any indication, a true story about two parties fighting for something in history is always a lot more interesting. ‘The Founder’ may also be interesting Oscar-bait for Keaton as well. We’ll have to wait and see.

Which movie are you going to watch in theatres on January 2017 ?

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