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I don’t care what people say. I like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. I believe he’s got the acting chops to do some serious drama, if he just chose better movies, kept his shirt on, and… chose better movies. His latest is a reboot.. remake… revamp or something of the classic HERCULES! Check out the Trailer below…

It’s a simple trailer with a voice narration but a lot of amazing CGI on screen. First of all, the CGI looks interesting enough, solely due to the epic monsters that the titular character seems to be battling. Among them, a gigantic Lion lunging at a, minuscule in comparison, Hercules looks as breathtaking as it does dangerous. The realism in the monsters, stands out versus other Greek / Fantasy CGI action films. The Trailer is simple enough: A voice, seemingly addressing Hercules directly, goads him on to stand up and fight for the innocent. Lines that ask him if he’s only a legend, or the truth behind the legend. There are even mentions to the ‘labours’ he’s accomplished, directly referencing the legendary tasks Hercules is known for going through in mythology.

Again, I believe in Johnson’s acting capabilities, but he’s also accompanied by John Hurt and it’s directed by Brett Ratner… so can’t be all bad. ┬áJohnson’s also proven time and time again that he’s more than capable of ass kicking action and this movie doesn’t seem to really shy away from that. Did I mention the giant Lion, tree shredding gian Boar & the Lizard, under sea… creature Squid thing? Well yea, there’s that here too.

So how excited are you to see Bearded Rock as HERCULES releasing July 25th, 2014?

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