Trailer Talk: The FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot Teases Wonderment

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Amidst so much bad press, rumours, leaked images and details, the first official… anything is released today in the form of a teaser trailer by 20th Century Fox for it’s upcoming reboot of ‘Fantastic Four’. See the trailer below and stick around for my reaction and somewhat of a defence about the negativity surrounding this movie.

It’s an unconventional Trailer, I’ll give you that. It almost reminds me of the first ‘Man Of Steel’ trailer; with it’s deep thoughtful narration speaking about the human race, the pensive music in the background, along with hopeful yet distinguished glimpses of the main characters. Some things to take away right away from the Trailer is that the storyline of this movie will be huge in scale. There’s talk of mankind, and what looks to be another dimension with our heroes having the fate of the world on their shoulders. The settings and locales are extravagant and seem to take place out of this world, literally, which definitely raises the dramatic stakes of what will play out in the story.

Directed by ‘Chronicle’ helmer Josh Trank, ‘Fantastic Four’ has had a lot of negativity surrounding the film, and the teaser should work to appease and alleviate some of the tension and apprehension towards this film. Personally, I liked the more serious yet hopeful look to the film with it’s wonder and amazement priorities as play as well. While lots of Superhero films have captured the essence and nostalgia of the wonder and amazement of growing up with comic books, no film thus far has directly referenced such emotions in its story, until now. However, though director Trank succeeded with his found footage format movie, he can’t seem to shake nay sayers regarding his treatment of this movie, even though majority of those very same people have seen little to nothing of this film to begin with.

Fantastic Four starring Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan & Jamie Bell directed by Josh Trank

I believe the original ‘Fantastic Four’ film we got back in 2005 was so terrible in so many ways in comparison to this film, that the negativity towards this reboot is baffling. Space proposals, cheesy one liners, literal potty humour, a constant bickering between the main characters that’s meant to be endearing but comes off as just plain mean, are only but a handful of the issues with that movie. At least this time around, Sue Storm is an actual wig-less blond. The scale of the film is truly fantastic and the conflict of the story won’t be resolved  by melting the bad guy in place.

While all these aspects of the movie fill me with hope and optimism regarding the outcome, it’s sad that most people are still in uproar about all the supposed changes from the source material this movie has made. Despite the makers denying the need for re-shoots, insistence that they were on budget and the story being told is what the original vision was, and despite no official confirmation on any of the leaks / rumours, I just hope that ‘Fantastic Four’ doesn’t end up to be another ‘John Carter’ or ‘World War Z’ where the bad press ended up suffocating the reception of the film for the masses.

‘Fantastic Four’ is set to be released August 7th, 2015.

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