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I don’t preview every upcoming movie on this Blog, because there’s nothing I can contribute to the Media Machine that’s already promoting them. I only feature movies that I personally find more appealing than the usual commercial movies. DAVID is such a movie.

Doesn’t seem to interesting at first glance, but the theatrical trailer blew me away. If I wasn’t YouTube-ly challenged, I would post for you, but I’m sure you can look it up yourself.

DAVID features the story of 3 different men, in 3 different time periods, all with the same name of David. And it looks badass!

that’s a hefty ‘stache…

The hook of this theatrical is that it’s all done to the beat of “Dum A Dum Mast Kalander” a very retro and vintage Qawaali classic from back in the day, sung here by Rekha Bhardwaj. What also gets you during this is the splicing of three different time periods.

We’ve got the amazing Neil Nitin Mukesh, playing what looks like a retro Gangster in 1975 London. Then we’ve got Vinay Virmani, the kid from SPEEDY SINGHS, looking like a Rasta musician with dreads in 1999 Mumbai. Rounding out our main cast is Vikram playing a fisherman in 2010 Goa.

so damn awesome…

All the actors look amazing in their various avatars, and the trailer is cut to be dramatic, intense and visually breathtaking. Each time period has it’s own cinematography and look. 1975 London has a very vintage feel to it, with an almost monochromatic filter working there and mostly indoor shots. 1999 Mumbai is very blue, with a lot of rainy sequences, maybe playing on the Monsoon season that’s dominant in Mumbai. And 2010 Goa is the brightest of these sequences, with vibrant colors and sunny backdrops.

like a boss!!

What’s awesome though about this movie, has to be the mystery surrounding how all these 3 stories link up with each other. The trailer is cut beautifully as we see these characters all go through something serious, involving violent and crazy histrionics, but can’t figure out how it’s all connected.

DAVID serves to be an interesting as hell movie, with a supporting cast of Tabu, Lara Dutta and the elusive but awesome Monica Dogra!

why she cry…?

Will you be looking out for DAVID when it releases on February 1st? Let me know in the comments below.

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