Trailer Talk: Bollywood – October 2013

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For those not familliar with the “Trailer Talk” feature here at Blank Page Beatdown:

“Trailer Talk” is where I document my freak outs regarding upcoming films that I get super excited about. Or rip apart with my super critical bionic eye. It’s also an attempt to feature some films that may not get the attention they deserve prior to release, but movies definitely worth keeping an eye out for. Not the bionic one. Sometimes I make predictions, and we get to see if I’m right or wrong after the movie releases.”

Besharam – Releasing October 2nd, 2013

Commercially: Major Success. The masala factor will appeal to all audiences, and the Ranbir Kapoor name will draw in audiences internationally too. Add to that the fact that the film is being marketed as the 2nd project of the DABANNG director, and it’s sure to do well.

Critically: If done right, with an emphasis on parody and spoof, rather than trying to take it’s silliness seriously, it can work. An example would be THE DIRTY PICTURE, which reveled in the ridiculous-ness of the time period, without having allowing for those sequences to become too serious for the audience. BESHARAM is looking  to be a fun filled extravaganza of ridiculi, and I can get behind that.


My Rant: BESHARAM is an opportunity for Ranbir Kapoor to do all the things that every Bollywood hero does, to cliché, without critical consequences. The movie seems centered around the shameless-ness of the title hero, making even the most outrageously ludicrous, seem legitimately entertaining and maybe even enthralling.

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Boss – Releasing October 16th, 2013

Commercially: Unfortunately, if a movie like KHILADI 786 can become a massive hit, then I would not be surprised if BOSS takes it a step further and achieves even greater success. It’s shaping up to consist of all the ingredients to be so.

Critically: Really? Who cares at this point about which Akshay Kumar super cop/thug/ganster movie unfolds in what way?

Akshay Kumar in Boss 2013 Bollywood Movie

My Rant: Akshay Kumar needs to change gears again, given the track he’s on these days. ROWDY RATHORE was a good tribute to the 70’s-80’s era of action movies, however, he’s pigeon holing himself in these over the top action roles, which is exactly what he did in the initial stages of his career, that took him forever to break out of.


Shahid – October 18th, 2013

Commercially: Doubt this movie will make a big enough mark to even be noticed by mainstream Bollywood audiences. No stars and an offbeat subject matter also creates a challenge from the marketing side of things.

Critically: Released at TIFF, and from the production house of Anurag Kashyap, does imply that it will be a dramatically impactful movie. Also being based on a true story can only help the dramatic effectiveness.

My Rant: My interest in this film lies in the producers and the fact that the Trailer has intrigued me enough to want to know the whole story. This trailer does a much better job at showcasing the dramatic tension in the story, than a previous one that can be found here. Also looking forward to Raj Kumar Yadav’s performance after the success of KAI PO CHE. Definitely be worth a watch.

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That’s it for major Bollywood releases in October of 2013, that interest me anyways. Let me know which movie you are most interested in seeing, and also if I’ve missed any others.

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