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After the awesome ISHAQZAADE, which was a reimagined Bollywood take on Romeo & Juliet, Arjun Kapoor is back with a kick ass movie with double the awesome and, well, double the him. The movie trailer of  AURANGZEB makes it look like a  very interesting thriller / crime drama with some great talent and cast behind it.

Bollywood Movie Aurangzeb 2013

it’s pretty elegant…

After a long retirement of doing crappy movies, Jackie Shroff also returns in a major mainstream Bollywood movie Production with Yash Raj Films. The veteran cast continues with Rishi Kapoor, Depti Naval (original CHASME BUDDOOR) and Amrita Singh (SHOOTOUT AT LOKHANDWALA).

Bollywood Movie Aurangzeb 2013 Rishi Kapoor

he’s been doing some bad ass roles lately…

AURANGZEB looks pretty decent from its trailers. The movie seems like a variation of the usual doppganger stories, where 2 characters that look exactly alike switch lives  for ulterior motives. Both the characters here are being played by Arjun Kapoor, and both coincidentaly, have similar hairstyles… of all things. (It’s Bollywood!)

In AURANGZEB, the story is about how a cop takes advantage of his resemblance to the son of a major mobster, and infiltrates the crime family pretending to be him. While the original criminal is held hostage by the cops. (Rishi Kapoor & Prithviraj)

Bollywood Movie Aurangzeb 2013 Prithviraj Arjun Kapoor

which one is he I wonder…? I’m thrilled already!

The movie trailers themselves make it very hard to distinguish between the good guys and the bad guys, which makes it even more interesting. But I’ll call it right now: AURANGZEB will be a variation of THE MAN IN THE IRON MASK (1998), with Leonardo DiCaprio & Jeremy Irons. Albeit, with an Indianized crime setting to it. Similar to how Shakespeare’s plays always become  movie adaptations with a crime motif to them.

This comparison is further legitimized by the constant references to a”Kingdom” and “Emperor” in the trailers, referring to the kingdom of the underworld of organized crime. But then again, “Aurangzeb” was also actual Mughal Emperor from back in the day… so I could be wrong. I’m not though.

Bollywood Movie Aurangzeb 2013 Jackie Shroff

he’s always been so badass…

We’ll see when AURANGZEB releases on May 17th. 2013.


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