Trailer Talk: AUGUST 2015 – Rocker Meryl, Pants-less Thing, Stoned Luthor, American Bond & More!

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Summer is almost at an end and with it the summer movie season also comes to a close. While probably the most anticipated movie month of the season, August 2015 brings with it some of the more blockbuster hits that boast of big budget productions and long anticipated stand alone films. Let’s take a look at the Trailers of the films releasing this month. Be sure to let me know in the comments below which movie you will be watching in theatres.

FANTASTIC FOUR (August 7th, 2015)

Fox is slowly building its own Cinematic Universe, following the success of X-Men: Days Of Future Past’, and the first instalment in that is the reboot of a previous franchise; ‘Fantastic Four’. Directed by a new indie Director, Josh Trank, who shot to success after his found footage style ‘Chronicle‘, the new ‘Fantastic Four‘ brings the characters down to more realistic portrayals with a brand new younger cast. The new film seems to focus on a more grounded story with a focus on charcter interaction that go beyond the superficial ones featured in the first franchise.

SHAUN THE SHEEP MOVIE (August 7th, 2015)

When it comes to stop motion animation, the biggest has to be the makers behind ‘Chicken Run’ and ‘Wallace & Grommit’. While this kind of road adventure movie about a bunch of sheep roaming around the city, may not be for everyone, it definitely has its own audience. The success of the previous films bring this movie to the big screen.

RICKI AND THE FLASH (August 7th, 2015)

Meryl Streep is undoubtedly one of the most bankable and reliable actresses in Hollywood right now, and ever. Any movie with Streep is almost guaranteed an Oscar nomination. After a string of dramatic films, Streep tries her hand at a more relatable subject matter; the dysfunctional family dramady. While this genre has been done to death by almost every major actor starting with ‘Meet The Parents‘, Streep hasn’t done something this accessible in a long time. Given the star’s immense talent, this movie is sure to be an endearingly beautiful story with wonderful prformances from fan favourite actors like Kevin Kline.

THE GIFT (August 7th, 2015)

The actor from ‘Warrior‘ & ‘Exodus: God And Kings‘, makes his feature length directorial debut with a thriller that seems oddly familiar. Joel Edgerton directs Jason Bateman and Rebecca Hall in this domestic thriller, that feels similar to other films from the 90’s we’ve seen about a psychopathic neighour with ulterior motives. Edgerton pulls triple duty by also writing and starring in the film, and despite the actor’s immense talent in front of the camera, his skills behind remain to be seen.

COP CAR (August 7th, 2015)

Kevon Bacon movies are always uniquely, unconventional and usually break the mould. The actor is known to be off beat films, sometimes indie but always interesting. This time around Bacon plays a more grey character in a movie that looks like it spins out of control really fast. ‘Cop Car‘ is also worth checking out given that its director, Jon Watts, has been tapped to direct the Marvel’s next Spider-Man movie. Sources say that the reception towards this movie earned Watts a shot at the Spider-Man reboot, so fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe definitely need to check out the movie that got him that gig.

DARK PLACES (August 7th, 2015)

After lighting up the screen in ‘Mad Max: Fury Road‘ together, Charlize Theron and Nicholas Hoult return in an amazing crime thriller that looks enticing and rich with story. Based on a book by the same author as ‘Gone Girl‘, this movie is looks to be borrowing from many genres ranging from slasher to true crime stories. After a string of roles where she has intense aesthetics involved to her character, this can be Theron’s first non-genre film since ‘Young Adult‘ in 2011.

THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. (August 14th, 2015)

If anyone has ever wanted to know what a James Bond movie would look like made by the acclaimed British Director Guy Ritchie, the answer would be this movie. Bringing the same flair for action and swagger that he infused in his modern ‘Sherlock Holmes‘ adaptation, Ritchie stylizes with movie with the same dramatic influences. Starring the current Superman Henry Cavill, and the one time supposed to be Batman Armie Hammer, the spy adventure should definitely resonate with audiences looking for a summer blockbuster without the baggage of previous required viewing as happens in a franchise.

STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON (August 14th, 2015)

Considered to be the most influential group in music history for their contributions to the genre of gangsta rap, N.W.A get their long awaited biopic. Produced by original members of the group, Ice Cube & Dr. Dre, the film explores the rise of the group and their giving birth to a brand of music and hip hop that has had lasting reverberations to this day.

AMERICAN ULTRA (August 21st, 2015)

While Kristen Stewart has her detractors, her performance in this movie may somewhat change minds, at least in her ability to do physical action. Another general blockbuster of the summer, ‘American Ultra‘ stars Jesse Eisenberg in one of his most physically demanding role ever. While even Esiengerg has received his fair share of criticism at being cast as Lex Luthor in next year’s, ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice‘, the action scenes of this movie definitely showcase a difference side to the otherwise meek actor.

HITMAN: AGENT 47 (August 21st, 2015)

The reboot to the 2007 movie based on a video game returns in an underwhelming way. With a debutant director, and the screenwriter of the original film, who also penned the screenplay for some of the poorest critically received films, (‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine‘) the new films leaves very little to be desired. While Zachary Quinto co stars, the movie has a lot going against it, and it should be interesting to see how it is received at the box office.

WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS (August 28th, 2015) 

Zac Effron has had a uniquely gradual career in the industry starting from his ‘High School Musical’ days. The actor seen in everything from comedies to dramas, stars in a high adrenaline movie that looks like something MTV would have produced back when they still did music videos. A very energetic and fast paced movie about music, dreams and forks in the road to life, is what this movie seems to be about. Definitely interesting and very exciting looking, Effron seeks to make a name for himself.

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Abbi · August 4, 2015 at 8:29 AM

There are definitely a few worth checking out here. Bring it on!

    Shah Shahid · August 4, 2015 at 9:46 AM

    I’m intrigued by ‘American Ultra’. Eisenberg is not who I think of doing conventional heroic action.

    Thanks for the comment Ab-star!

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