Trailer Talk: September 2014

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Trailer Talk takes a look at the most anticipated releases of September 2014.

THE LONGEST WEEK (Sept. 5th, 2014)

Jason Bateman remains one of my favorite comedians turned dramatic actors. His body of work, including his brief cameos in completely unexpected films, speak volumes about his range. After his successful Directorial debut with BAD WORDS, Bateman returns as a selfish affluent writer whose life is in shambles, as he moves in with his best friend, and they compete for a girl together. Olivia Wilde continues to impress with her roles in these quirky and endearing films. Love seeing Billy Crudup, known for his turn as God-like Dr. Manhattan in Zack Snyder’s THE WATCHMEN. Seems like a hilarious quirk-fest.

Fun Fact: One of the production companies involved in this seems to be Bollywood’s own Yash Raj Films. Our very own Uday Chopra is even credited as Producer. Interesting.

THE DROP (Sept. 12th, 2014)

A crime Drama starring Tom Hardy and James Gandolfini involving some sort of heist or money drop gone wrong. As interesting as this seems, it feels like another boring Mob drama that’s more talk than action, similar to KILLING THEM SOFTLY. However, given it’s one of the late Gandolfini’s last films, it’s definitely worth a watch.

TUSK (Sept. 19th, 2014)

The clerk is back! Writer, Director and certified Fanboy Kevin Smith returns with, what I can only describe as a horro-medy movie about a Podcaster who is held captive by a subject of one of his interviews, for nefariously, weird purposes. Justin Long is seen after a while with a weird porn-stache, and a performance that has shades of dramatic goodness, while at the same time being hilarious. I don’t know what to make of this movie. More recently reports say that apparently Johnny Depp & Kevin Smith are working on a movie that may spin off from this one, leading some to believe that Depp may have a cameo here.

THIS IS WHERE I LEAVE YOU (Sept. 19th, 2014)

Jason Bateman has two releases this month, both very similar in fashion, while probably varying in terms of content and material. Again playing a man who life is coming apart, this time around, it’s a family affair. Forced to spend time with his siblings after his father’s death, Bateman is joined here by Tina Fey, Jane Fonda and a host of other dramatic and comedy actors making it a great ensemble cast to really look forward to together. The best part about this movie, is that the lead cast all play brothers and sisters, so there is no chance for cheesy romance. Tina Fey as the neurotic sister already appeals to me.


Liam Neeson. An unlicensed Private Investigator. Guns. Revenge. Conspiracy. That is really all one needs to know about this movie. The trailer is unnecessarily long for a movie that’s in the same vein as what Neeson has been doing for the past few years; awesomely mind blowing action thrillers. The music and tone of the Trailer really makes this stand out, but it’s still trying way too hard to sell something that we all bought once the word ‘Tombstones’ & ‘Liam Neeson’ shared the same space.

THE EQUALIZER (Sept. 26th, 2014)

I’ve had some complaints about Denzel Washington in the last few years. The star seemed to be doing these, action movies that no longer suited him. It almost felt like he was trying too hard to continue being in a genre that he has no business being in. But this is the first film in years, where I can adequately buy Washington as an action hero. The movie seems to still hit notes that we’ve already seen a few times, but the positioning and tone of the Trailer, with the inclusion of another up coming star in Chloe Grace Moretz, makes this movie seem different and something to be reckoned with.


Which movies are you most excited for in September, and which are you definitely checking out? Let me know in the comments below…

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