Trailer Talk: APRIL 2015

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Trailer Talk looks at the massive amount of movies coming out in April 2015, after what looked like a slow start to the year. Check out the trailers for each of the movies below, along with my brief thoughts on each as well to see what’s worth checking out this month. Make sure to let me know your thoughts below as well.

FURIOUS 7 (April 3rd, 2015)

This is one franchise that, despite formulaic approaches and little depth in its plots, still manages to keep things interesting. This one is particularly interesting due to the fact that franchise lead Paul Walker passed away while he was making this movie, in an unrelated cause. I have to give respect to the filmmakers behind ‘Furious 7′ aren’t exploiting the fact, as the trailers and marketing for the movie are kept focused on the star cast and story rather than on Walker.

Furious 7

WOMAN IN GOLD (April 3rd, 2015)

Despite the trailer giving this an ‘unlikely pair’ tilt, this movie seems to be an all out Helen Mirren feature. The lady’s got the best lines and looks to steal every scene away from the, just as charismatic, Ryan Reynolds. It’s not the usual type of movie that I would be into, but it looks engaging enough to check out.

5 TO 7 (April 3rd, 2015)

A movie about an organized extra-marital affair and how it affects a series of people may seem creepy or lustfully vulgar, but somehow this Trailer makes it seem oddly peculiar while being pretty sweet and affectionate. I’ve always liked Anton Yelchin, and he seems pretty decent in this and I’m keen to check it out.

EFFIE GRAY (April 3rd, 2015)

Well, I can’t really say what this movie is about; a bored Victorian wife of a famous writer who is bored and— something or other. Emma Thompson is in it with one of the Dakotas, and after watching the Trailer, I feel like a bored Victorian housewife with nothing to do.

THE LONGEST RIDE (April 10th, 2015)

From the author of ‘The Notebook’, this seems like another letter-reading love story of two couples. It’s weird though that the parallel between them is the guy putting his life in danger, but while one is doing so by going to war the other is a… bull rider? That seems kind of unbalanced and not at all the same. Talk about melodrama, and I watch Bollywood movies.

The Longest Ride

EX MACHINA (April 10th, 2015)

With up and comers like Donald Gleeson & Oscar Isaac, this super creepy artificial intelligence story looks pretty wicked cool. Pushing the boundaries of AI and philosophical discussions about what it means to be ‘alive’ isn’t new, but this seems more of a self contained story with only 3 actors in close quarters with a robot that may or may not be psychotic. I’m down.

DESERT DANCER (April 10th, 2015)

While it’s not a new idea to have a story about artistic expression in a climate of oppression, this one takes it a step farther being set in one of the most oppressive countries in the world. Despite no big names, the story is definitely interesting enough to want to watch. While I suspect it’s going to be a typical feel-good happy ending movie, they’ve got me hooked.

CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA (April 10th, 2015)

After ‘Birdman’ it seems that meta movies about films and actors have started to become a thing. This one follows a similar path, without the one-take gimmick, and the performances truly seem influential and pretty great. While I’m not a fan of either of the younger actresses in this, they seem to be doing their best roles ever. Definitely worth a look.

KILL ME THREE TIMES (April 10th, 2015)

Ugh. This is such a hot mess. Simon Pegg in a movie that seems wacky, ridiculous and completely off the wall… but totally not in a good way. The Trailer doesn’t appeal in anyway and portrays the movie as an uninteresting piece of noise. A lot seems to be happening, but none of it in any context, nor does it stand alone to tease anteing about the story to make someone want to watch.

SELF/LESS (April 17th, 2015)

Boom! This looks to be the new ‘Face/Off’ of this generation. I just wonder if Ben Kingsley will have enough on screen time to establish his depiction of the character, and will Ryan Reynolds be acting as Kingsley’s character, similar to the actors in ‘Face/Off‘? Because that would be amazing. Regardless, still a pretty cool sic-fi concept.

PAUL BLART: MALL COP 2 (April 17th, 2015)

Seems to be basically a rip off of the ‘Die Hard’ concept but as a comedy that I have zero interest in.

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CHILD 44 (April 17th, 2015)

A murder mystery set in ’50s Russia with Tom Hardy & Gary Oldman? Hell yes. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Hardy in anything mainstream, and him investigation the death of kids while donning a Russian accent and kicking ass seems way too good to ignore.

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TRUE STORY (April 17th, 2015)

Typically amazing comedic actors both headline a dramatic movie, that actually doesn’t seem like a half assed attempt at crossing genres, but a pretty decent thriller. Franco is a creep again, while Jonah Hill is pretty bad ass. The story itself is intriguing enough that I’m actually anticipating this one.

ALEX OF VENICE (April 17th, 2015)

A pretty sweet and endearing movie about starting over and rebuilding one’s life. While not appealing to me personally, this seems like a half decent movie with some pretty great performances.

BEYOND THE REACH (April 17th, 2015)

The only interesting thing about this movie is that Michael Douglas plays a villain. Otherwise it’s a mediocre thriller about a murdering psychopath that seems predictable and just plain uninteresting.


What looks like a very small indie film, this trailer blows expectations by mostly focusing on characters in war and their devastation, but then throws in actual monsters near the end in scenes that catch you off guard. With no dialogue or any context, the trailer does a great job of creating anticipation for this movie. If that’s any indication, then the movie should be amazing.

THE AGE OF ADALINE (April 24th, 2015)

While not the biggest support of Blake Lively, she seems to be carrying this movie all on her own, and doing not a bad job of it. Seemingly like a mash up of genres between romance & sci-fi, it’s a unique concept that I wouldn’t mind checking out. Maybe On Demand or something though.

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LITTLE BOY (April 24th, 2015)

A pretty cool and imaginative story set in WWII that looks very cool and endearing. The movie is very creative and the trailer almost reminds me of ‘Finding Neverland’, set in, and seen through the mind of a young boy who is rich with imaginative thought and it’s a pretty damn cool trailer. Sure it’s crazy unbelievable, but why not?

THE WATER DIVINER (April 24th, 2015)

Could this be Russell Crowe’s return to epic dramatic movies? I hope so as the Trailer looks amazing. A journey of a father in search for his sons that spans multiple settings and exotic locations is too good to pass up. This one is probably up there this month with movies I’m most looking forward to.

ADULT BEGINNERS (April 24th, 2015)

While reminding me a lot of ‘Skeleton Twins’, this definitely looks like a fresh and funny story about a down on his luck guy getting a fresh start. The cast is funny and the scenes look as sweet as they do hilarious.

So that’s it for the month of April 2015. So which movie are you most looking forward to this month? Let me know in the comments below.

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