TIFF 2015 Spotlight: BEEBA BOYS (2015) – Deepa Mehta Goes Gangster

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The Canadian director known for her quietly restraint movies dealing with intense themes and even more intense performances, makes her most explosive movie to date. Deepa Mehta, (‘Earth’, ‘Water’) returns to the scene with a Canadian gangster movie with one of the most talented actors of Bollywood, Randeep Hooda. The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival 2015, and looks to be Mehta’s most vicious movie to date. Take a look at the trailer of ‘Beeba Boys‘ below and read on for more about the Canadian film.


A ferocious story based on real life events in Vancouver, Canada, ‘Beeba Boys‘ follows Jeet Johar (Randeep Hooda) as he embarks on a gang war with an older rival gang leader (Gulshan Grover) in an attempt to gain respect and become the dominant force of drugs and guns in an otherwise Caucasian society. He establishes his own gang of young and ambitious Indian boys in order to reach his goals.

TIFF 2015 Spotlight: BEEBA BOYS (2015) Trailer - Deepa Mehta Goes Gangster

‘Beeba Boys‘ looks like an amazingly well shot gangster drama from the likes of a filmmaker who has done nothing like this in her career. The film boasts of some very intense performances, especially from Hooda himself with some surprise appearances from veterans of the industry like Grover, and Canadian star Paul Gross. Hooda has always been more of a 2nd fiddle in Bollywood, playing supporting roles in mainstream films like ‘Kick‘ and ‘Cocktail‘, but this appears to be his show, and he looks pretty amazing in it.

The supporting cast is mostly up and coming Canadian actors such as Ali Momen, (‘The Strain‘) Sarah Allen, (‘Being Human’) Waris Ahluwalia, (‘The Grand Budapest Hotel‘) Ali Kazmi (‘Degrassi: The Next Generation’) & Khulbhushan Kharbanda.

Randeep Hooda as Jeet Johar in 'Beeba Boys' by Deepa Mehta

Made entirely in English, ‘Beeba Boys‘ is the perfect example of crossover cinema with Indo-Canadian director and a massively Canadian cast, a Bollywood star and a local story set in Canada, it’s the perfect platform for audiences of multiple industries to converge on with common interests.

Mehta has said that the movie focuses on similar themes as her others films, of immigration, identity and a sense of belonging, but the subject matter is unlike anything she’s ever done before. This is apparent as the movie is a complete gangster epic with just the right amount of guns and violence to peak interests.

‘Beeba Boys’ releases in October 16th, 2015 in Canada.

What is your favourite crossover movie?

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