The Wachowskis’ Netflix Thriller SENSE8 Gets A Mind Bending Trailer

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The last few years, The Wachowski Siblings have been riding strong on their legendary directorial status from ‘The Matrix Trilogy’, despite a genius movie in Cloud Atlas, but the rest of their filmmaking attempts have just plain sucked. Hard! However, it looks like they’re returning to their roots of intriguing concepts set in the modern world that push boundaries of thought and reality in their new Netfilx thriller, ‘Sense8’. Check out the Trailer below and read on to see why this should be the next Netflix original to be excited about.

The series lead appears to be Brian J. Smith, who geeks will remember from ‘Stargate: Universe’ (my Review of the amazing sci-fi series can be seen here) and who is also in the upcoming ABC Drama ‘Quantico’. Read my thoughts on that show and why it look semi-interesting over here.

So while Smith has been busy with double duty, ‘Sense8’ definitely looks like the  better of the two shows. The show seems to be about 8 separate people from all over the world who, due to some unexplained event, are now psychically linked, able to access each other’s memories, skills and emotional experiences and even, what looks to be, their perspective of the world.

The Wachowski Siblings' Netflix 'Sense8' Trailer 2015

Smith’s character is being introduced to all this by another geek veteran actor, Naveen Andrews, who people know and love as Sayid from Lost. Andrews’ character seems to be in prison, communicating with Smith through this shared existence. The trailer is full of creepy body switching moments like this as one person realizes that they’re experiencing the surroundings of another. There are some cool moments too as one leverages the fighting skill of another to defend themselves. 

The most interesting thing about the Trailer, beyond the pretty cool premise, is how the last part features some, almost ‘Matrix’-like, action sequences. The show looks to be set all over the world as these 8 characters have to deal with experiencing their own various lives, problems and their reactions to this new… sensation. See what I did there? 

The Wachowski Siblings' Netflix 'Sense8' Trailer 2015

The Wachowskis made their mark with stories that challenge the conventionally real and characters whose journeys take them beyond the borders of perceived reality in amazingly interesting ways. ‘Sense8’ seems to be a return to this kind of storytelling for the duo, along with a very cool and interesting cast that includes Darryl Hannah, Joe Pantoliano, Anupam Kher and other recognizable faces.

I’m definitely amped up for ‘Sense8’ as it releases on Netflix on June 5th, 2015

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