Teaser For Tamil Film PULI (2015) Offers Stunning Visuals

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Movies from the Indian Film Industry are, at times, limited in terms of the genres that they are comfortable dabbling with, or more often, lack the technical ability to do so. While dramas and comedies are the mainstays of the Industry, some fantasy and science fiction adventures have been made, with a varied level of success and critical reception. A new attempt at the fantasy genre comes from a Tamil film, ‘Puli’. The very brief teaser below, creates a bit of anticipation for the film with its incredible visuals and stunning cinematography.

The visual tone of ‘Puli’ comes across as a very polished Hollywood film. Until the appearance of the actors, the teaser could even be mistaken for a fantasy film from anywhere but the Indian Industry. The teaser provides almost everything that the audience needs to be very excited for this film with just enough fight choreography, breathtaking shots of the setting and flashes of the major actors involved, it succeeds in invoking just the right amount of anticipation for the full trailer when it releases. The only thing lacking, which expectedly will be featured in the full trailer, is the actual story of the film. 

‘Puli’ is led by a major Tamil Industry actor Vijay, portaying dual characters, while other Indian Industry actors round out the cast. Most notable of these is yesteryear actress Sridevi, who made somewhat of a comeback in 2012 with ‘English Vinglish’. (My Review here) While ‘English Vinglish’ saw the actress return after years, this role looks extremely interesting, and one wonders whether Sridevi will feature in a guest appearance or a full fledged supporting role. Another recognizable face is Shruti Hassan, noted for her performances in Bollywood movies like ‘D-Day’, where she played an amazing supporting character, (more on that in my Review of ‘D-Day’ here) whereas in ‘Puli’ she plays one of the lead female characters. Fans of Ram Gopal Varma movies will also recognize actor Sudeep from films like ‘Raktha Charitra’ (my Review of the epic revenge saga here) and ‘Rann’, where he gives memorable portrayals of some pretty intense characters. ‘Puli’ has a second female lead played by Hansika Motwani. 

Puli Teaser written and directed by Chimbudeven Starring Vijay, Sridevi, Sudeep, Shruti K Haasan, Hansika Motwani 2015

Years in development, Writer/Director Chimbudeven finally got ‘Puli’ off the ground last year with major financing for the film being backed by actor Vijay’s own Public Relations firm. The joint venture is produced by the newly formed SKT Studios and has gone through multiple cast changes before the current ensemble was finalized. While most of the crew happens to be from the Tamil Film Industry, cinematographer Nataraja Subramanian has credits such as ‘Parineeta’ and ‘Rhaanjanaa’ to his name, films which have had a distinct look and tone to them. ‘Puli’ looks and feels every bit like a mainstream international fantasy film, with very Indian Film Industry elements such as the song and dance ensembles as well, which should be interesting to see playing out within this genre. 

No release date for ‘Puli’ has been established; the film stars Vijay, Sudeep, Sridevi, Shruti K. Haasan, Hansika Motwani & Prabhu. It’s written & directed by Chimbudeven. 

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