TALVAR (2015) Trailer: Based On Real Life Grisly Murders

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Slowly but surely, Bollywood is starting to make films based on true stories. While the most notable have been biographical films, real life incidents are now being adapted into hard hitting movies. This month sees the release of Kabir Khan’s ‘Phantom’, a fictional story that is set after a real world terrorist attack (My in depth Trailer Talk here). On a more smaller scale, ‘Talvar’ is based on a grisly double murder that occurred in India and looks to be a highly dramatic thriller with some very powerful performances. Check out the Trailer below and read on as to why ‘Talvar’ is going to be worth watching.

A young girl and her family’s servant was found murdered in her own house in Delhi in 2008. The murders and subsequent investigation confounded authorities and produced a variety of suspects including the girls’ parents who were in the house during the time of the murders. With conflicting evidence, multiple suspects and a variety of investigation teams looking into it, the case continued to baffle everyone amidst much media attention, until the parents of the girl were charged and eventually sentenced for her murder. The case is still ongoing and in the appeals process today.

‘Talvar’ stars Irfan Khan (‘Jurassic World’) as one of the lead investigators of the case. Critically acclaimed actress Konkona Sen Sharma (‘Omkara‘) plays the mother of the victim while Tabu (‘Drishyam‘) is in a supporting role as well. The movie features a mostly smaller star cast, but everyone involves looks to give powerhouse performances. Not much of Konkona Sen Sharma is seen in the Trailer, and Tabu is missing altogether, but with both these acclaimed acctresses sharing screen space, explosive chemistry between them is expected. Khan displays a wide range of talent in the Trailer alone, revealing elements of the movie to be done with a mystery or conspiracy bent.

'Talvar' Official Trailer starring Irfan Khan, Konkona Sen Sharma & Tabu directed y Meghna Gulzar 2015

Produced and written by Vishal Bhardwaj (‘Haider’) ‘Talvar’ is directed by Meghna Gulzar whose previous movies were ‘Filhaal’ and ‘Just Married’. Gulzar, daughter of the famed poet and lyricist, has shown her skill with creating stories and strong relationships between characters, but both previous were relationship stories under a more emotional drama. ‘Talvar’ appears to be done in the style of almost a mystery thriller, with intense moments wrapped around an enigmatic plot. It will be interesting to see how the director will handle the tone of the movie. Being written by Bhardwaj himself, whom Meghna Gulzar worked on with in ‘Maachis’ with her father, ‘Talvar’ seems to have the support of the prolific filmmaker, as he is producing the film with Vineet Jain.

The Noida Double Murder Case, as it’s become known by, was special due to the intense media spotlight put on it from an early stage. The case was also special as there is no clear cut line of guilt or defense that can be determined. While every suspect in the case has damning circumstantial evidence against them, there is also enough evidence to the contrary. With accusations of botched evidence collecting methods, to a conspiracy by the authorities, to revenge motives… the entire situation is rife for a film adaptation, but the viewpoint with which the movie has been made, is intriging in and of itself.

Irfan Khan in 'Talvar' 2015

The trailer is effective in conveying all the elements of a conspiracy styled thriller. The narrative of the film is said to have been from the perspective of the parents and their firsthand account. The film also supposedly builds a case for the parents’ defence; so one wonders how much objectivity will be retained in the story and depiction of events in ‘Talvar‘, if the goal outright is meant to be for ‘defense’ purposes? Although with a writer and producer like Vishal Bhardwaj attached to the project as well as the star power of Irfan Khan and Konkona Sen Sharma, ‘Talvar‘ can easily be one of the more anticipated films of the later half of this year.

How do you feel about real life based films like ‘Talvar’?

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