TV Series Review: SUPERNATURAL – Season 5 (2009)

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Hell on Earth, is the most effective way to describe Season 5 of the long running SUPERNATURAL TV Series. Yep, the boys officially screwed the pooch at the end of Season 4 (more specifically Sam) by letting out Lucifer. So Lucifer is on Earth and he is ripping the world a new one on his rampage of demonic-former-Angel superiority. Side note: it seems the Winchester boys are more responsible for half the shit that goes wrong than they do to save it. I mean mommy and daddy died ‘cuz Azazel (yellow eyed demon) had plans for Sam to be ‘special’. (more about that in Season 5, a helluva lot more) Their BS opens the Devil’s gate, which releases Lilith into the world. Dean breaks the first seal in Hell. Sam kills Lilith, not knowing that her death is the last seal to free Lucifer from the cage. So yea… a lot more fuck ups than good deeds there boys.

Season 5 starts with the consequences of the boys’ actions. Hell on Earth, literally. The boys’ relationship as brothers is fractured beyond repair it seems, as Dean flat out tells he can’t trust him ‘cuz Sam chose a demon over his bro. Pretty intense. Poor Sam. But the entire season essentially focuses on how to stop the Lucifer. The devil basically. Seems impossible yea? It is.

Other revelations during Season 5 include that the only way to stop the devil for Dean to be Micheal’s vessel. (History lesson: Micheal = Archangel and bigger bro of Lucifer and also God’s best angel/son. Lucifer = a fallen angel who defied God and was banished, and as a major ‘fuck you’ to his Dad, he’s responsible for basically evil on earth. Awesome.) Plans are hatched to stop the Devil which include finding the colt, since it can kill anything. Season 5 is pretty intense and everyone’s kind of running around to figure shit out. Including Castiel trying to tell on Lucifer to daddy dearest (God himself).

The gang’s all back again…

This season removes SUPERNATURAL even more from the normal viewing public as the lore and backstory gets soo complicated, that you would have to have seen at least 3 seasons of the show to get anything that’s happening.

Season 5 of  SUPERNATURAL  is intensely fast paced as no episode is standalone as it’s the final shebang of the entire series. This season also plays up the whole free will vs. destiny thing introduced in earlier seasons, as the boys find out that nothing they do will save the day, except for what’s already been written.

SUPERNATURAL is an awesome show that started out as everyday demons of myth being the main baddies, but now has evolved into a great series featuring the stuff made of gold that’s been featured mostly in films like STIGMATA. The religious commentary and modern day take on Angels and Demons and bible mythology (yea, I said it) is great to watch. The portrayal of infamous characters and figures of religious history in the 21st century is just beautifuly done and the writing is at its best this season.

Supposedly the final season of the show, Season 5 of SUPERNATURAL brings to close a great show. However with plans for a Season 6 sans creator Eric Kripke at the helm, hints at season 5 being not such a finale after all.

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