TV Series Review: SUPERNATURAL – Season 4 (2008)

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Here’s Dean!! Season 4 of Eric Kripke’s SUPERNATURAL sees the return of Dean Winchester, fresh from serving his tour in Hell. Yea, that’s right he went to hell, literally. At the end of Season 3 we see him getting killed in the most brutal way, by being clawed to death by Hellhounds. But Season 4 sees his ominous and mysterious return, and a whole lotta thangs be going on in this season.

high five to Dean!!

Now, I had a realization during this Season. Initially I expected SUPERNATURAL to be season by season show, that had one unifying story arc span the first two seasons. (the whole yellow eyed demon thing) However, Season 4 makes us realize that elements from the beginning of the show, play a huge part in the series and have actually been written with the intention of culminating over a 5 season arc. The end of Season 4 makes that even more obvious and a lot of things return from those first two seasons that Season 3 kind of ignored (maybe on purpose) It’s mindblowing really.

Season 4 basically starts with Dean being back, the brothers reuniting (I teared up) and having to deal with Lilith, the major baddy introduced in Season 3. Apparently Lilith is going around trying to break these ‘seals’, and to stop her… we’ve got Angels. So the brothers are now literally fighting in a war between Heaven and Hell. The Angels have touched down to prevent Lilith from breaking those 66 seals which keep Lucifer caged up. Oh yea… Lucifer!!

One of the best things about Season 4: Angels. Fuck yes, Angels. The boys entire belief system is rocked to the core as Angels have been thrown into the mix of Demons and the Supernatural. Honestly though, was it really that much of a shocker… there’s demons and Hell… so obviously Angels and Heaven.

no longer in the outfield…

The show comes to a great arc, apparently 4 seasons in the making. Also this season we get to see a lot of division between the brothers. Dean’s hiding a lot about his time in Hell and what Sam’s been upto during his absence will shock the hell out of everyone. The pacing picks up, as it has with each season, to mind numbing speeds. There’s very few episodes that serve as breather between the longer narrative that spans the entire season.

One thing of note: It seems the show’s been losing a lot of its light hearted touches. Every episode is drenched in seriousity and just drips heaviness. Granted Misha Collin’s Castiel the Angel character provides some highlarity… sometimes.

Another thing: Despite Sam being the touchy feely sensitive kid who’s got demon blood in him so his life is messed up… Dean is infinitely more messed up and more deserving of sympathy than Sam. The episode “In The Beginning” featuring Dean gives us an awesome revelation about the entire mythos of the show, involving Dean’s own family history. The things Dean has gone through, and his stoic nature despite them is a testament to his character… whereas Sam is messed up and always uses it as an excuse to do further messed up things. Pussy.

I digress…Season 4 had a lotta cool things (I mentioned Angels yea?) and also gives a great sense of the dynamic between the brothers in context to the overall story of the series. You can easily notice some big things that both brothers are destined for, and by the end of Season 4 of SUPERNATURAL, you’re stunned as all the pieces slowly fall into piece. If you’re smart enough… you’ll know what I mean even before starting Season 5.

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