Split Screen Podcast: Episode 5 – Does Kaante Hold Up To The Quentin Tarantino Original?

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The Split Screen Podcast keeps chugging along with another episode comparing a Hollywood movie with its Bollwood remake. While Quentin Tarantino’s latest movie, ‘The Hateful Eight‘ is set to release in early 2016, this episode takes a look at his first feature length debut film, ‘Reservoir Dogs‘. We compare it to the Bollywood version, directed by Sanjay Gupta, titled ‘Kaante’ (Thorns). Attempts are made to contextualize the Bollywood version which, random synchronized song and dance routines notwithstanding, was an innovative movie of its time, for that industry, while seeing how it stacks up against the masterful work of Tarantino, in his first movie. Listen on for Episode 4 of the Split Screen Podcast.

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The Split Screen Podcast will compare and analyze movies that are adaptations of other works, directly with the source material that they were inspired by. 

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