Split Screen Podcast: Episode 53 – All The Remakes Of A Star Is Born ft. Alisa Rivera

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Comparing all of the remakes of the 2019 Oscar-nominated movie, A Star Is Born, and it’s many remakes. Including a Bollywood version!

Despite my Split Screen Podcast being a show about remakes, I was completely clueless about the fact that the Hollywood movie, A Star Is Born, had a Bollywood remake, that preceeded it by 5 years. Aashiqui 2 was based on the other remakes of A Star Is Born, of which there are 5 in total.

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The Split Screen Podcast provides reviews of remakes and the latest movies & television shows. This episode features a review of the 2018 A Star Is Born, and it’s many remakes in both Hollywood and Bollywood.

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Here is the trailer for the most recent, Hollywood version starring Bradley Cooper and the cinematic debut of music superstar Lady Gaga.

And here, for posterity is the trailer of the Bollywood version, Aashiqui 2. Don’t let the ‘2’ throw you, it’s just a spiritual sequel of another popular Bollywood movie from the 90’s called Aashiqui, which was also about music stars.

While there are definitely superficial similarities right off the bat between these two trailers, Alisa and I deep dive into all of the nitty gritty between, not just these 2 remake, but the other classical Hollwood remakes as well.

Now, I was clued into most of this by a friend to the Podcast, and often-times guest, Alisa Rivera. So naturally, I decided we need to watch ALL of these and discuss them in an episode. She graciously accepted. But what surprised me were our totally polarizing opinions on the movies, the original story, and the depictions of events in each story.

It’s a fun conversation, one where Alisa blows my mind with some opinions and observations of the movie that I completely missed. While I also get her to admit some issues with the remake she thought was the best. Which is also the movie I hated the most as well. Ultimately we agreed, disagreed, but had a blast.

So check out our comparison of the 2018 Oscar nominated movie A Star Is Born, along with its many many remakes, including the Bollywood version, Aashiqui 2.

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