Split Screen Podcast: Episode 50 – Comparing All The Cinematic Robin Hoods Ft. Allan Mott

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Robin Hood is a character that I’ve always loved since a child. Ever since that Disney fox brought a swashbuckling swagger to the big screen, it’s something that influenced me even more so than the larger than life Bollywood heroes that I would grow up with on in life. So when I heard of a new Robin Hood remake, it gave me an opportunity to revisit many of my favorite Robin Hood movies, other classic Robin Hood remakes, as well as ones I didn’t know existed until my co-host referred them to me. This episode of the Split Screen Podcast is comparing all those various Robin Hood remakes on screen and seeing how they stack up against this new, superhero style version. Strap in!

If You’re New To The Split Screen Podcast

The Split Screen Podcast compares and analyzes movies that are adaptations of other works, directly with the source material that inspired them. This episode compares the new Robin Hood with other cinematic versions.

Robin Hood Remake Episode Show Notes

  • Allan updates Shah on what’s he’s been watching.  
  • Check out Allan’s first appearance on Split Screen Podcast in Episode 24.
  • Allan synopsizes the 2018 Robin Hood remake. 
  • Allan & Shah agree, while also disagreeing about the new Robin Hood. 
  • Spoiler Warning
  • Allan & Shah discuss what makes the new Robin Hood not that great.
  • The importance of Jamie Foxx’s character
  • Is Taran Egerton too young to play a battle-hardened Robin Hood?
  • Why is Errol Flynn the definitive Robin Hood?  
  • Allan & Shah gush about Robin & Marian.
  • What was Allan’s problem with the 2010 Robin Hood with Russell Crowe?
  • Who is Allan’s definitive Robin Hood? And the worst Robin Hood remake? 
  • Shah reveals which Robin Hood remake he disliked the most. 
  • Why does Robin Hood keep getting remakes? 
  • Allan pitches a Bollywood contemporary version of Robin Hood. 
  • Allan reveals his ulterior motives for being on this podcast.

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