Split Screen Podcast: Episode 20 – ‘Dear Zindagi’, ‘Befikre’, ‘Dangal’ Trailers & Other Bollywood News

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It’s been a busy month for Bollywood news, and the Split Screen Podcast felt the need to return to cover and contextualize it all! Lots of Trailers, casting news, and images have dropped, and we need to wrap our minds around it. Me, if not you at least. While you’re subjected to my thoughts. Listen on!

So Check out Episode 20 of the Split Screen Podcast where I break down all the recent Bollywood Trailers & News.

Split Screen Podcast: Episode 20 - 'Dear Zindagi', 'Befikre', 'Dangal' Trailers & Other Bollywood News

Just A Refresher

Split Screen Podcast usually compares a movie remake with its original. But on this episode, we’re going to break down the most recent Bollywood news and trailer releases.


  • Everything you need to know about Tiger Shroff’s ‘Munna Michael’ here.
  • Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s new look for ‘Munna Michael’ stuns and surprises.
  • Shah discusses his like for the ‘Force 2’ Trailer. He like likes it.
  • Read more about Shah’s thoughts on ‘Force 2’ here.
  • Shah rants about the latest trailer for ‘Befikre’ (finally!) and why he’s very disappointed by it.
  • Flashback to a few months ago on Episode 15 when Shah and a guest discuss ‘Befikre’s marketing campaign before the trailer release here.
  • Shah loses his mind at the latest casting news for ‘Sarkar 3’.
  • Listen to Shah compare ‘Sarkar’ to the original ‘The Godfather’ in Episode 3 of the Podcast here.
  • Everything you need to know about Shahrukh Khan and Alia Bhatt starrer ‘Dear Zindagi’ here.
  • Read just how disappointed Shah is with the Teaser for ‘Dear Zindagi’ here’.
  • Shah is super excited, but also a little concerned about the Dangal’ Trailer.
  • Read more about Shah’s concerns about ‘Dangal’ here.
  • ‘Kahaani 2’ trailer freaks Shah out, but in the best way possible.
  • Read more about something Shah discovered while watching the ‘Kahaani 2’ trailer here.
  • Shah is not impressed with Hrithik Roshan’s ‘Kaabil’ trailer, despite wanting to very badly. 
  • Read more about Shah’s thoughts about ‘Kaabil’ here.
  • Listen to Split Screen Episodes 04 & Episode 10 to hear more about Sanjay Gupta’s remakes.

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