Split Screen Podcast: Episode 18 -‘Kriti’ V. ‘Bob’ Plagiarism Controversy

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If Bollywood movies weren’t ‘inspired by’ or blatantly ripped from other movies, then my Split Screen Podcast wouldn’t exist. However, a recent instance of a movie being copied, allegedly, had gotten Bollywood all abuzz. But not as much as one would think. When Bollywood director Shirish Kunder returns 4 years after his catastrophic Joker’ with an interesting short film ‘Kriti’ which has been accused of being stolen from the Nepali film ‘Bob’ by Aneel Neupane

So check out Episode 18 – ‘Kriti’ V. ‘Bob’: The Plagiarism Controversy featuring returning guest Samarpita Dutta.

Split Screen Podcast: Episode 18 -'Kriti' V. 'Bob' Plagiarism Controversy

New To The Show?

The Split Screen Podcast compares and analyzes movies that are adaptations of other works, directly with the source material that they were inspired by. In this episode, we compare two short films, from the perspective of others, where one has been accused of stealing from the other.


  • I comprehensively describe the entire controversy between ‘Kriti’ & ‘Bob’.
  • My Review of ‘Kriti’.
  • Samarpita’s Review of ‘Kriti’.
  • The article I mentioned on the show that compared both movies objectively here.
  • Another article that actually tried to verify claimed made by Shirish Kunder and also found a Facebook Photo Album during the making of ‘Bob’, months before ‘Kriti’.
  • I rant about how Kunder and the ‘Kriti’ team’s reaction to the controversy further fuelled the implication of guilt from them.
  • Sam points out that Bollywood has always had a ‘whatever’ goes type of mentality, which may have bred this kind of attitude within the makers of ‘Kriti’.
  • Sam thinks Bollywood needs to credit their inspiration better.
  • My summary of the Kriti‘ Controversy.

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