Split Screen Podcast: Episode 16 – Adapting A Real Life Tragedy… Twice!

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The Split Screen Podcast is all about remakes; adaptation of one source material made into a movie. On this episode, we feature two movies that were adapted from the same real life incident. While one was an official adaptation of the Noida Double Murder Case that happened in Indi in 2008, the other film was more of an alleged remake, that spawned a real life controversy. Kathy Gibson from Access Bollywood returns.

So check out Episode 16 of the Split Screen Podcast, where we compare ‘Rahasya‘ (2015) and ‘Talvar’ (2015).

Split Screen Podcast: Episode 16 - Adapting A Real Life Tragedy... Twice!

If you’re new to the show:

The Split Screen Podcast compares and analyzes movies that are adaptations of other works, directly with the source material that they were inspired by. In this episode, the source material happens to be a real life incident.

The Highlights!

  • I break down the real life incident that was the Noida Double Murder Case from 2008.
  • For more details and if you choose to go down the rabbit hole, you can learn more about the case on the Wikipedia page.
  • Kathy provides a spoiler-free synopsis of ‘Rahasya‘.
  • We talk about how ‘Rahasya‘ was a great murder-mystery in the vein of Agatha Christie.
  • Both of us enjoyed the over the top shenanigins of Kay Kay Menon.
  • Kathy’s Review of ‘Rahasya’.
  • Kathy gives a spoiler-free synopsis of ‘Talvar‘.
  • We discuss how ‘Talvar’ was a much more in depth and involved story than ‘Rahasya’, while not taking away from it.
  • Kathy’s Review of ‘Talvar’.
  • [ Spoiler Warning: we discuss both movies in depth including the specific plot points and climaxes. ]
  • I provide a comprehensive summary of the controversy between the makers of both films, in regards to each other.
  • A summary of the controversy can be found in an article from Bollywood Hungama.
  • Kathy and I analyze both movies from the perspective of the real life people they’re based on, to see if either film provides any ulterior motives.
  • We try to see if the controversy is justified and whether any of the accusations hold any merit.

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