Split Screen Podcast: Episode 14 – The Sequel To The Most Anticipated Bollywood Movies Of 2016

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Last year, I decided to break format on the Split Screen Podcast, and feature an episode that looked at upcoming Bollywood films. Samarpita Dutta (from BollyBrit.com) and I looked at, bitched about, and rambled on and on about the Bollywood movies coming up in 2016. The episode was quite successful, as I’ve gotten a lot of feedback regarding it. So I’m going to do now what most film studios when one project gets super successful; make a sequel.

You can find the original episode here: Split Screen Podcast: Episode 7 – The Most Anticipated Bollywood Movies Of 2016.

So this is Episode 14 of the Split Screen Podcast – The sequel to the most anticipated Bollywood movies of 2016.

The Split Screen Podcast usually compares a film remake to its original material, like another movie or comic book. But this is a special episode, following up on another episode where we discuss, how the first half of the yea was for Bollywood movies. You can find all the regular episodes of the Split Screen Podcast here.

Split Screen Podcast: Episode 14 - The Sequel To The Most Anticipated Bollywood Movies Of 2016

Catching Up

It’s been so long since Sam and I did a show, that we spend the first few minutes catching up on what we’ve been upto recently. We discuss the latest films and TV shows we’ve seen. Often going off on a tangent, but still able to find out way back to the topics at hand.

The Box Office Beatdown Of Movies Released So Far

  • I provide a disclaimer regarding the Bollywood Box Office numbers.
  • We discuss the success, or lack thereof of Shahrukh Khan‘s ‘Fan‘.
  • Sam and I finally pin down our love-hate relationship with Shahrukh Khan.
  • Sam and I discuss the rumors surrounding Fitoor’s budget.
  • Stay tuned to this space for our Podcast comparing ‘Fitoor’ and the original ‘Great Expectations’ it was based on
  • My Review of ‘Fitoor’.
  • We discuss how true stories are depicted in movies when talking about ‘Airlift‘.
  • Sam and I were both surprised at how good ‘Baaghi‘ did at the Box Office.
  • Why did ‘Wazir‘ not do as good critically as it did in the box office?
  • I overly gush about Randeep Hooda again, and his apparent critically appreciated performance in ‘Sarabjit.’
  • Sam tolerates this.
  • We both gush about Sonam Kapoor, and almost forget to talk about ‘Neerja‘ and how amazing it did both commercially and critically.

Updates Of Movies Not Yet Released in 2016

  • We try to figure out why ‘Raees‘ was delayed and what it could mean.
  • What I expect from ‘Raeeshere.
  • We talk, at length, about why ‘Sultan‘ is going to be a very different Salman Khan movie.
  • The official Trailer for ‘Sultan‘.
  • Sam and I agree that ‘Dishoom‘ will be a mindless entertainer; I’m less certain about it based on Trailer.
  • The official Trailer for ‘Dishoom‘.
  • We discuss Aamir Khan’s extravagant lengths for his new look in ‘Dangal‘.
  • Some set pictures of ‘Dangal’ can be found on the movie’s IMDB page.
  • We wrap up with a few movies that have seen no updates since we last discussed them.

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