Split Screen Podcast: Episode 12 – John Abraham Tries To Be ‘The Man From Nowhere’

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One of the hardest things, when it comes to experiencing films, is that once something is seen, it’s hard to unsee. This was the issue I had with a most recent Bollywood movie, which was a remake of a much better movie. Remakes usually are difficult to qualitatively judge on their own, because they’re made from another source material, so it’s difficult to not make comparisons. Especially when you have a Podcast, the sole purpose of which is to do just that. But I try.

So after a long overdue return, check out Episode 12 of the Split Screen Podcast, with Kathy Gibson from Access Bollywood, as we compare the Korean film ‘The Man From Nowhere’ (2010) and its Bollywood remake ‘Rocky Handsome’ (2016)

If this is your first time listening to the show, here is a brief description:

The Split Screen Podcast will compare and analyze movies that are adaptations of other works, directly with the source material that they were inspired by. The realm of these films contain adaptions of novels, comic books, other films or TV shows, or any other movies that were directly inspired by another piece of work.

Split Screen Podcast: Episode 12 - John Abraham Tries To Be 'The Man From Nowhere'

The Highlights!

  • Shah & Kathy provide a spoiler-free Review of ‘Rocky Handsome’.
    • Kathy’s spoiler-free Synopsis of ‘Rocky Handsome’.
    • I bitch about songs in the beginning of movies & the misuse of ‘file photos’.
    • I expected more from ‘Rocky Handsome’ given John Abraham’s involvement as a producer and his past productions.
    • I think ‘Rocky Handsome’ is a pretty standard Bollywood mindless action movie.
    • Bollywood hasn’t had a good revenge drama since Badlapur’ same time last year.
    • ‘Rocky Handsome’ will be appealing to audiences, depending on what kind of audiences experiences it.
    • Kathy and I take a side-bar to gush over Vidyut Jamwal.
    • Kathy and I discuss the problem with villains in Bollywood.
    • We discuss how 2 Bollywood directors insert themselves into their own movies in 2016.
    • Kathy’s Review of Rocky Handsome’.
    • My Review of ‘Rocky Handsome’.


  • Shah & Kathy Compare ‘The Man From Nowhere’ (2010) to ‘Rocky Handsome’ (2016)
    • ‘The Man From Nowhere’ doesn’t spoon feed its story to the audience.
    • Kathy felt the structural changes to the story in the remake were the biggest.
    • Kathy made a list of things we wasn’t going to like in ‘Rocky Handsome’ before watching it.
    • The biggest change was the character of the bodyguard.
    • I felt the climactic fight scene was better done in ‘Rocky Handsome’ than ‘The Man From Nowhere’.
    • I am annoyed with the acting capabilities of the young girl in ‘Rocky Handsome’.
    • We compare the heart of the movie, the two young girls from the original to the remake.
    • The ending of ‘Rocky Handsome’, very subtly dumbs things down for the audience.
    • Bollywood movies don’t think their audiences know what to feel based on what they’re watching on screen.
    • The villains of ‘Rocky Handsome’ are the worst things about the movie, compared to the genuinely intimidating villains of ‘The Man From Nowhere’.
    • Kathy and I fan-cast who we think would’ve been a better choice for the Bollywood remake than John Abraham.

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