Split Screen Podcast: Episode 11 – Julia Roberts Vs. Kareena Kapoor Khan

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The one (of many) thing I’ve learned since starting the Split Screen Podcast, and comparing various films and (mostly) their Bollywood remakes, is that there is a certain formula that applies to almost every Indian version of a movie from a different industry. This formula, or ‘Bollywoodization’, is more apparent to me in this episode, especially since it was pointed out by a listener of the show. (Hey Liz!)

So check out Episode 11 of the Split Screen Podcast, as Kathy Gibson and I compare the Hollywood movie ‘Stepmom‘ (1998) and its Bollywood remake ‘We Are Family’ (2010).

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Split Screen Podcast: Episode 11 - Julia Roberts Vs. Kareena Kapoor Khan

If this is your first time listening to the show, here is a brief description:

The Split Screen Podcast will compare and analyze movies that are adaptations of other works, directly with the source material that they were inspired by. The realm of these films contain adaptions of novels, comic books, other films or TV shows, or any other movies that were directly inspired by another piece of work.

The Highlights!

  • Kathy provides a Spoiler-free synopsis of ‘Stepmom’.
  • The character drama and relationships of ‘Stepmom’ are what make the movie stand out, without anything ‘happening’.
  • I explain how family drama in Bollywood usually involves a dastardly plan by an evil doer, or some other external plot device. 
  • Both Kathy and I give ‘Stepmom’ a 4 out of 5.
  • I discuss how ‘We Are Family’ falls into the same trope as most Bollywood movies.
  • Kathy, using proof, describes the major difference in the mentality and attitude about between the two movies.
  • We Are Family’ is all about Kajol and features a a larger than life ‘orgy of grief.’
  • Kathy rates ‘We Are Family’ a soft 2 out of 5.
  • ‘We Are Family’ features the laziest song writing in Bollywood.
  • We Are Family’ can be skipped as the original is better.
  • Why remake ‘Stepmom’ when none of the concepts of an extended family after divorce can co-exist together, is depicted in ‘We Are Family’?!
  • The interaction between the two leads, is completely marginalized in the Bollywood remake.
  • We Are Family’ is chockfull of stereotypical portrayals of children from broken homes, traditional South Asian mentality of Divorce being stigmatized and any relationship post divorce is demonized.
  • Kathy’s Review ofWe Are Family’.

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Split Screen Podcast, Episode 11: We Are Family vs. Stepmom | Access Bollywood · January 30, 2016 at 5:23 PM

[…] of the Split Screen Podcast featuring yours truly is now available for your listening pleasure. In Episode 11, show host Shah Shahid and I discuss why the Bollywood flick We Are Family is an inferior copy of […]

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