Split Screen Podcast: Episode 07 – The Most Anticipated Bollywood Movies Of 2016

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And we’re back! After some much needed downtime, adding 50 pounds of body weight the never-ending family dinners, and a steady stream of nothing but eggnog, I am back with a special end of the year special episode. So during periods of lucidity in between the eggnog, I also got the chance to geek out about some of the biggest Bollywood movies coming up in 2016 on this episode of the Split Screen Podcast with a good friend and somewhat returning guest. While Bollywood releases many many movies in a year, with some being massive blockbusters, while others are smaller indie films, not every single movie can be discussed, and some haven’t even announced release dates, so this is more about the movies that, personally, we are most excited for in the upcoming year. 

Check out Episode 7 of the Split Screen Podcast with Samarpita Dutta where we discuss the Most Anticipated Bollywood Movies of 2016.

The Split Screen Podcast usually compares a film remake to its original material, like another movie or comic book, but this is a special extended episode, where we discuss, at length, the most exciting Bollywood movies of 2016. You can find all the regular episodes of the Split Screen Podcast here.

Split Screen Podcast: Episode 07 - The Most Anticipated Bollywood Movies Of 2016

Samarpita Who?

Samarpita Dutta is a Bollywood enthusiast, who expresses her love of the movies and that industry by writing very well thought out articles for one of the more esteemed Bollywood websites out there, BollyBrit.com. Samarpita is as well versed with all the trade details of the Bollywood Industry as she is immersed with the more frivolous gossip sub-culture. Her biggest trait, which I envy, is having the patience to sift through the various gossip orientated ‘news’ put out by Bollywood media, and extract the relevant trade news and more, what I consider, legitimate film industry news. Yea, I went there. Check out Samarpita’s musings on BollyBrit and join her constant Bollywood discussions on Twitter.

The Trailers & Highlights!

  • Meet Samarpita: My Bollywood gossip mentor, as well as an objective Bollywood enthusiast and regular writer of BollyBrit.com
  • My suggestion to Bollywood filmmakers to complete their films’ IMDB & Wikipedia pages, as any credible information of these films are very lacking.
  • Our thoughts on ‘Fan‘ and it’s Trailer.
  • My Trailer breakdown of Fan‘.
  • Our thoughts on ‘Wazir’ and it’s Trailer.
  • ‘Wazir’s first, more vague trailer, as I refer to in the show.
  • I screw up Zeenat Aman with Parveni Babi.
  • Our thoughts on ‘Raees‘ and it’s first teaser.
  • My Trailer breakdown of Raees‘.
  • My thoughts on how ‘Raeesmay be a great SRK movie.
  • Our thoughts and the ‘teaser’, if you can call it that, for Salman Khan’s Sultan‘.
  • The first look for ‘Sultan‘, tweeted by Salman Khan himself.
  • Our thoughts on ‘Fitoor‘ and the first look with Rekha that Samarpita was talking about.
  • My response, or lack thereof, of Katrina claiming that ‘Fitoor‘ is her best performance to date.
  • Our thoughts on ‘Airlift‘ and it’s first Trailer.
  • I compare Akshay Kumar to Sonam Kapoor, with detailed reasoning.
  • Kudos to Nimrat Kaur for ‘Homeland‘ well before Priyanka Chopra’s debut on ‘Quantico‘.
  • Samarpita’s excitement, and my complete lack of, for ‘Baaghi‘ starring Tiger Shroff.
  • Our thoughts on ‘Dhishoom’ based on it’s first look.
  • Our thoughts on Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan starrer ‘Sarabjit‘ based on its on-set pictures of Rai-Bachchan.
  • I bitch and whine about why Randeep Hooda is not as big as he should be.
  • Our thoughts on the first look of Aamir Khan starrer ‘Dangal‘.
  • Our thoughts on the amazing Sonam Kapoor starrer ‘Neerja‘ and it’s mind-blowing first trailer.
  • My most awaited Bollywood movie of 2016, Vishal Bhardwaj’s ‘Rangoon‘.
  • Sam and I both share our concerns about Ranbir Kapoor’s career, especially with the upcoming ‘Jagga Jasoos’.
  • Sam’s most awaited Bollywood movie of 2016, Karan Johar’s ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’.

Where To Find Samarpita

Samarpita’s Twitter: @lipstickpatrol

Samarpita’s Articles on BollyBrit

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