Split Screen Podcast: Episode 03 – The Remake Of ‘The Godfather’

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On this episode of the Split Screen Podcast, I am joined by a special guest who shares my passion for never ending rants, as we never ending-ly rant about one of the best movies ever made and it’s Bollywood counterpart. ‘The Godfather’ is, literally, one of the best films ever made. But many non-Bollywood fans may not know that the industry has made their own version of the iconic film, titled very appropriately as ‘Sarkar‘. So this week, we compare both the films and analyze the themes, characters and a whole bunch of things that feel like we could’ve ranted about for hours!

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Here’s a brief description of what this Podcast is about:

The Split Screen Podcast will compare and analyze movies that are adaptations of other works, directly with the source material that they were inspired by. The goal is to essentially determine how good or bad the adaptations were and, most excitingly, going off on long winded, expletive laced rants when they’re bad. The realm of these films contain adaptions of novels, comic books, other films or TV shows, or any other movies that were directly inspired by another piece of work. Split Screen will also introduce the world to a mother load of Indian, a.k.a., Bollywood movies that were ‘inspired’ by classic and cult films of Hollywood and other film industries, sometimes with hilarious cinematic results!

This episode of the Split Screen Podcast kicks off with Sameer Dogra from the BollyCast Podcast as we both gush over two of the best films made in each of their respective industries.Split Screen Podcast: Episode 03 - The Remake Of 'The Godfather'

Sameer Who?

One out of three hosts of the BollyCast Podcast, Sameer and his crew were the first ever Bollywood Podcast that I was introduced to when I entered the world of Podcasts. Though they had a bumpy start, their show covers and attempts honest and non-sugar coated reactions to the latest Bollywood news, reviews of films and just reflecting on the Industry at large, in relation to the North American society that a lot of us Bollwood fans are a part of. Add to this conversations about a team of Vaginas fighting crime, and substituting expletives with the word ‘penguin’, the three hosts have as much fun as they constantly go off on tangents about male anatomy and astrophysics.

And now, you can even find them on their YouTube channel where their antics are visualized for the world to experience. God help us.


  • Meet Sameer: 33.33% host of the BollyCast Podcast, the most professionally unprofessional Bollywood themed Podcast out there right now.
  • Sameer feels that remakes need to be justified from a creative standpoint to be remade.
  • Sameer distinguishes between remaking stories and adapting a story for a new generation.
  • Talking about ‘The Godfather‘ for the 17 people in the world who may not know what it is.
  • How ‘Sarkar‘s different setting and backdrop, are still relevant in today’s world.
  • The Political elements of ‘Sarkar‘.
  • Differences in the story as it pertained to the family members in both films.
  • How multiple characters from ‘The Godfather‘ were combined into individual characters in ‘Sarkar’.
  • The character of the son earns becoming head of the family in ‘Sarkar‘, whereas is handed the title initially in ‘The Godfather’.
  • The casting of ‘Sarkar‘ based on characters from ‘The Godfather‘ were genius!
  • The progression of the youngest son into the Godfather is more progressive and natural than the sequence of events in ‘The Godfather’.
  • My detailed analysis of ‘The Godfather’ & ‘Sarkar’ here

The Final Word

Both Sameer and I agree that while ‘The Godfather’ is a seminal and revolutionary film within Hollywood, both from story and technical perspective, of which there can be no successor; ‘Sarkar‘ is a great film, which can be considered a true inspiration of the original film with modifications that establish the film in its Bollywood setting, while distinguishing it as a complete film of its own.

Definitely recommend to everyone. 

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